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First Time Ranch Winning Show Heifers and Show Steers

We stand behind our cattle and help you grow and develop them into the best they can be... Not Every Heifer Can Be A Winner, but many of them that leave First Time Ranch Win !
A Dream Come True Story...
We have a very special Heifer From First Time Ranch named  "Schweetie" her, and her owner, Railey Brown have the following winning records.....

Schweetie and Railey Brown have won:


19 first place ribbons


7 second place ribbons


1 third place ribbon


1 fourth place ribbon


They have won 5 Breed Champions & 4 Reserve Breed Champions.


Their major wins are 2010-2011 Junior year:

East Texas State Fair in Tyler: 1st place out of 18 in class

Ft Worth Livestock Show: 4th Place out of 21 in class

San Antonio Livestock Show: 1st Place out of 6 in class

Houston Livestock Show: 1st Place out of 19 in class


Major wins in 2011-2012 senior year (so far):


Four States Fair Livestock Show: Reserve Grand Champion


Four States Fair Open Livestock Show: 1st in Class out of 6 in class


East Texas State Fair in Tyler: 1st place out of 8 in class

State Fair of Texas: 1st place out of 5 in class...


Schweetie and Railey have also won showmanship 2 times out of the 5 times they have participated.


Paul Pewitt Senior Showmanship: 1st out of 30 people, winning $150


East Texas State Fair Showmanship: 1st out of 32 people.


Remember it is not just our great heifers, but the student has to work hard to win ! Congratulations to both Railey Brown and First Time Ranch Schweetie, for an OUTSTANDING SHOW SEASON!  You make us Very Proud !  

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First Time Ranch with years of Winners !

First Time Ranch Has A History Of Winners !

We Appologize That We Cannot Post Everyone's Pictures but here are just a few of our Tremendous Winners from First Time Ranch !
Please keep sending us your winning pictures so we can share them with everyone... thank you.

First Time Ranch

Winning Show Heifers From First Time Ranch !

First Time Ranch In The Winners Circle !

Mask 2010 - Show Steer Winner !
Mask 2010 - Working Hard to the Winners Circle !

Freckles & Jordan 3rd at JBBA 2009
Winners From FIrst Time Ranch !

Snowflake In The Winners Circle 2nd Place !
Houston Livestock & Rodeo 2008 WINNER !

We Invite You To Our Ranch To Pick The Ones You Like... WINNERS!
We appologize to the kids in advance as we can not post all the winning pictures we receive...
We will try and rotate winning pictures as frequently as possible on this page... 
 They have more muscle, extreme definition, and a very gentle disposition you can't find elsewhere... That means top of the line show cattle and replacement heifers !
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