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Proven Beefmaster Cows For Sale
We have many cows to choose from.
Come out and visit our ranch. Call to make an appointment today!
We have what you are looking for:
All Naturally Raised Beefmasters Quality & Reliability
Our Cattle Raising Principles are Simple But VERY Affective :
1)   Pedigree -  Historical Performance  (cattle's historical data (Proven Performance))
2)  Physicals - Today's Performance (cattle's physical data and traits today - How they Look and Perform TODAY!)
3)  DNA - Tomorrow's (Future) Performance (where we want to take our cattle performance tomorrow - making them better through DNA testing and predictions)
We Will Deliver For You Our Dedicated Customer !

Review our website for additional cattle and services available for purchase.

If you find something that you are interested in and would like to learn more, or personally see them prior to purchasing, please contact us directly at 903-876-3212.