Lisa Finnie
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     Lisa Finnie sings songs of romance and heartbreak and love so large it hurts to squeeze it into the small space of your heart. From ballads to barnburners, the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter stocks her eclectic set list with heaping ladlefuls straight out of this country's fabled melting pot. With an unpredictable line-up of Los Angeles' finest players at her side, the torchy singer's gigs are as fresh as a traveling salesman and as infectious as an office cold.


Some nights you'll find Finnie harmonizing with fiddle genius Brantley Kearns, other times she'll be crooning a sultry tune over the swamp twang of John McDuffie's dobro. And really, you haven't lived until you've seen John Palmer accompany the lady on hand drum and harmonica.


Listen and you'll see she's got a promiscuous muse, one that's as taken with country as it is the blues, Elvis, standards, the Carpenters, Western swing, Dylan, Will Ferrell, pick-up trucks, tears and a few things that don't actually translate into language. The music is big, see? But it’s also intimate, and there's always room for you.

~Erik Pedersen, Los Angeles 2004