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Breezy Meadow Cashmere Farm

Sophia, a Maremma livestock guardian dog with Cashmere goats

Cashmere Goats, Boer Goats and Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs.

Breezy Meadow Cashmere Farm is located in the Pacific Northwest just north of Bellingham, Washington. We are committed to raising our livestock in as healthy and natural method as possible.

Cashmere is the soft undercoat of a Cashmere goat. It has long been one of the most exotic and rarest fibers to be found. Our Cashmere goats originated from goats imported from Australia. We have also breed some of our goats to North American Spanish goats. Our Australian orginating goats were from one of the original 15 test farms that was established in this country when raising goats for cashmere was first attempted in the United States. To improve the quality of the cashmere produced from our goats we carry out a careful selective breeding program. We do not use our bucks for breeding until they reach the age of two and have had their second fleece. All of our Cashmere goat's fiber is subjectively analyzed. Breeding bucks have their fiber objectively tested every year. Any inferior animals are culled.

We also have Purebred Boer goats. They are registered with either the Canadian Boer Goat Association or The IBGA. We breed or Boer bucks to some of our Cashmere does to produce a larger animal for our meat customers.

To protect our animals from predators we use Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs. We have not lost any animals to predators since we acquired these dogs. We also breed our Maremmas and usually have puppies available in the spring.


Sissy & Spring, Cashmere does

Breezy Meadow Cashmere Farm
810 Van Wyck Rd
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