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Dedicated to all Crash Fire Rescue personnel, May you long remember Hotspot Duty. I envision this as a place where Crash crewmen of all services can do the following

My email address is captaindiehl@gmail.com
Website updated on 1 October 2011

If you are not already a member of the Marine Corps ARFF Association, then I ask you to join. The membership fee is minimal($15) and the memories made will last a lifetime, as well as provide for a nationwide network of Crash Crew Marines ready to assist you in any way they can.

Here is the link to the page that contains the ARFF application
I am currently at the Marine Rescue and FireFighting Association(ARFF) Reunion. It is being held at Quantico. We are all having a blast renewing old friendships, swapping stories of the events that helped shape us as CrashCrew Marines

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Comments: If anyone knew my brother Gary LeBlanc who served with Crash Rescue, Khe Sanh during the Tet Offensive I'd like to hear from you. Thanks, god bless


This website will soon be moving to where the other half of it is hosted. I will notify everybody I have in my address book when this happens. I will be updating all requests for information changes that have been sent to me. If you see any other corrections that need made. Just let me know, Ike

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