Moro Swords

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Unusual Kampilan. Hilt is nicely carved, with old coins attached on each side. The guard is missing staples, however the mail guantlet has been attached with rope threaded through the original staple holes. Blade shows indication of possible lamination. Of note, the tip is decorated with a carved dragon, with a brass eye. The purpose seems primarily decorative, and the style of dragon is not in form with traditional Moro motifs, and it is possible that it was carved at a later date by or for someone of Chinese heritage. There has traditionally been a strong Chinese community in Mindanao for many centuries. At times of war between the Maguindanao Sultanate proper (the down-river sultanate) and the Buayan Sultanate (the up-river sultanate) often it was Chinese traders would unite the two warring Sultanates through trade.
Overall length: 40"
Blade length: 29.25"
Hilt length: 10.75"

Collection Credit: Rick Stroud