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Welcome to my page dedicated to the appreciation of the various swords of the Bangsamoro people. Let me say a few things about myself. I am a Filipino-American with a keen interest in Philippine history and culture. For me there is no artistic match for the beauty that is found in the weaponry of the tribes that compromise the Bangsamoro (Moro Nation). Hopefully as time goes by I will be able to have more information and history about the Moro's and their culture as well as other items of interest to me. So if you like what you see stay tuned, and if you have any questions about Moro swords please feel free to email me. And click on any picture for a larger pic. Mabuhay

A brief description of who the Moros are

The word Moro is commonly used to describe the Muslim tribes of the Southern Islands of the Philippines. While the major tribes of these islands are Muslim it must be noted that not all inhabitants of the Southern Isles are Muslim. Today there are about 20 tribes inhabiting Central and Southern Mindanao, the Sulu Archipelago , and Palawan. The three major Muslim tribes are the Maguindanaos (literally meaning The People of the Flood Plain) , Maranao (literally meaning The People of the Lake), and Tausugs (literally meaning The People of the Sea Current).

The Tausug inhabit primarily the islands of the Sulu archipelago. Also living in the Sulu archipelago are the Samal, Yakan, and Badjao (Orang Laut) tribes. On Palawan Island there are the Palawani. On Balabac island just south of Palawan are the Molbog. The islands between Palawan and Sulu, called Cagayan de Sulu, are inhabitted by the Jama Mapun. The Maguindanao inhabit the Western portion of Mindanao primarily around the Cotabato region. The Maranao also are found in Western Mindanao near lake Lanao. Other inhabitants of Western Mindanao are the Iranun who occupy the area near Illana bay and the Tiruray who inhabit the northern portions of the highlands that separate the Pulangi Basin from the sea. In South Central Mindanao are the Bagabo, Tagakaolo, Kulaman, B'laan, and T'boli tribes. These tribes being primarily non-muslim. In Eastern Mindanao can be found the Mandaya, Agusan Manobo, Ata, Mansaka, and the Dibabawon tribes. The Kalagan inhabit the area near Davao. In the Zamboanga peninsula are the Kalibugan and the Subanen tribes. On Sarangani Island off the tip of southern Mindanao are the Sangil.

Moro warrior

Moro Datu Abdul

Bagabo Warriors

Moro warrior Moro Village Cotabato Coast

Moro Village Cotabato coast; Mindanao Philippines

The Moros have a long and proud history of bravery, independence, and faith. Their culture being one of the most advanced/sophisticated in the region, their artistic merits next to none, and their bravery as warriors unquestionable. Please visit the links on this site for other more informative sites dedicated to Moro culture and history. Revisionist history, death through statistical genocide, as well as strong prejudism are threatening todays tribes.

Moro Wedding picture

Moro Wedding Pictures

Moro wedding picture

Moro Wedding Pictures

Samal dance

Samal warrior and dwarf Panglima Diki Diki
performing cermemonial dance