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WWII era Barong

Probably a WWII era fighting barung, though possibly older. Most likely Tausug in manufacture. Silver and brass ferrule with mother of pearl inlays on tagub. Unusual Shandigan blade (Shandigan blades being a rare style of barong with an extra thick cutting edge without the extra weight. This is accomplished by grinding off the top part of the blade and leaving about .5" width of the edge. This definition of Shandigan Blades is credited to Mr. Cecil Quirino)Cockatua made of Banati wood.
Overall length sheathed from tip to top plume: 25.25"
Overall length unsheathed from tip to top plume: 23.5"
Blade length: 18.25"
Blade Belly: 2.25" Hilt length: 5.25"
Ferrule length:3"
Cockatua length from beak to plume: 2"

Collection Credit: Personal Collection