Pronounced Shoopou-Ha. This is a all-inclusive ecopark. With wild life as well as warm beaches. Here at Xpu-Ha you can go on a catamaran, kayak, snorkeling, scuba diving and just relax on one of the many little cliffs that over look the ocean. They also provide you with food and ALL YOU CAN DRINK BAR...see I told ya,I told ya.

You can't wear regular sun protection. You have to use a biodegradable sun block, because this is a ecopark, and you are in such close contact to the wild life.  It's a big lot of land and to get from one section to another you can either walk along the beach or walk through the wooded areas. It is kind of nice to walk in a area where it's just trees and bush all around you....just not the bush I was looking for.

At Xpu-Ha it has some great places to go snorkeling. You have a chose of either snorkeling in the lagoon at Xpu-Ha or you can go into the sectioned off ocean area. The ocean area is better because their is more fish to see and you get a real feel for the ocean with the waves crashing and the current. The lagoon is nice, but all the fish stay in one area. Their is a small bridge that you walk over before you get to the lagoon entrance. It has a bucket on it and in the bucket is fish food.  You can throw  the food into the lagoon to feed the fish. All the fish stay over there. The rest of the lagoon is some what empty.  The water is calm and relaxing. But if you want to see more fish then pick to go into the ocean area. You see more variety as well as a sting-ray or two.

The scuba area is in the same area that you snorkel in the lagoon. So it's not that great. You also use the kayak in the lagoon as well. The snorkeling is cool, but they make you where this stupid life vest. It gets in your way and is very uncomfortable. Take my advise, put the stupid vest on but do not inflate it, no one will say anything. You will enjoy the snorkeling more with out it inflated.

The beach area is nice. The water is really clean and clear. The horizon had a cool purple color to it. The water is not the greatest. The water is very sandy and a little rough. Really knocked me for a loop a few times. Their was a lot of sand in the water. I mean when I stood up and came out of the water I was covered in sand.  The land under the water was clean, but had these hugh rocks that you bang into if you try to walk further into the water. It was sort of annoying.  Someone actually saw a hugh fish swim in between the rocks.

As for animals, they have alligators, turtles and a kinkajou in cages. You will see a lot of lizards all over the park. I expected to see more. A little disappointing. The tour guild also did not give us any history of the park. I was expecting to hear a little something about the park while we where going there. The park is about 1 hour & 15 mins away from the hotels in Cancun.  Not the greatest place to go.  If you had other places to see like Chichen Itza, Isla Mujeres or Tulums go their first. If you have extra time come to Xpu-Ha.

What you might see snorkeling

This little guy swam right up to me-- Scared the crap out of me

One beautiful fish

One BIG fish-- could not catch it

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