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Asquith Family

Davida Bagatelle and Art McEvily

The Barton Family

Peter and Diane Basile

Susan and Russ Blanton

Diane and Tim Borton

Debbie Kaegebein and Dennis Bradley

David and Mary Ellen Broganer

Brown-Cullinane Family

Page O'Brien and Didi Chadran

Liz and Paul Chambers

John Chapman and Patty Ruze

Keith and Maryann Cheveralls

Class of 2017

Pat Riemitis and Bob Cleary

Kelli Codner

Teddy Coffin

Keith and Marcia Conant

Donna Conklin

James and Sandy Cullinan

John Cunney and Jared Wollaston

Marcie and Kevin Donahue

Andrea Juchartz and Christopher Durham

Daria Eckert

Paul and Lisa Eisenberg

Joan Eliyesil

Priscilla Endicott

Lori and Mark Etzel

Natasha and David Fair

Kathy and Vince Farrell

JC Ferguson

Robin Foley

Harriet and Stephen Friedrich

Stephen and Melanie Frost

Louise and Ken Gall

Ann and Alton Gill

The Goldman-Madison Family

Jenny and Tom Gormley

Joyce, Emma and Ken Grant

Carolyn and Paul Grant

James and Diana Harte

Victoria and Kenji Hayao

Denise and Omar Hazoury

Andrea and Paul Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hodskins

Edie Huber

Lauren and Frank Hunnewell

Bernd Janssen and Claire Rindenello

Della Jennings

Bill and Lauri Johnson

Jaylyn Joss

Demetrios Karis and Alicia Dwyer

Barbara Kemp

David and Ginger Kendall

Janice and Chris Kennedy

Tracy Kraus

Kronauer Family

Maredith and Warren Kundert

Barbara and Tom LaMattina

Lancellotti Family

The Leichers

David and Diane Margaretos

Debbie George and Bill Marinelli

David McDonell and Lynn Adler


Richard and Tamara Molnar

Marylin and Bruce Morgan

Richard and Sharon Ohlin

Hans and Natalie Ohlin

Deb and Guy Oliva

Stephanie and Z Opalka

Jonathan Panek

Karen and John Quinn

A. Kathleen Revane

Holly and Doug Rothkopf

Paul Rotker and Vicki Roussel

Greg and Sharon Schmidt

Karl and Deb Schwiegerhausen

Linda and Russell Shappy

Pat Shaw

Ilia and Giulia Shlimak

Marie and Patrick Sobalvarro

Judiann Sorrells

Elinor and Tom Stapleton

Jan Schenden and Larry Steranka

Sullebarger Family

Toll Family

Melissa and Daniel Tracey

Jane and John Vasta

Dan and Sue Veno

In Honor of Jim Wallace

Sharon McCarthy and Jim Ware

Alice and Greg Williams

Thomas and Kathleen Williams

Woodsum Family

Kirsten Wright

Wei Zhuang