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Minutes of FANFARE Meeting


December 15, 2010


Minutes submitted by Jan Schenden Steranka

Meeting location was the Bromfield Faculty Lounge



John Chapman, Natasha Fair, Collin Myers, Stephanie Opalka, and Jan Schenden Steranka.


Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting:  Minutes approved from meeting of November 17th, 2010.


Treasurer's Report:  Natasha reported a net account balance of $7784.33.  Cabinet locks ($500) and $3000 in a piano repair fund are being held in reserve, for a total of $4284 in uncommitted funds.


Membership Report:  Jan reported that there are now 79 members with a total dollar amount of $3595.  The average gift is $45.51.  We also have six I.O.U.'s from the concert.  A Fanfare newsletter is being prepared with the help of faculty and Tri-M students.


Holiday Plant Sale:  We may consider reducing the number of plants purchased for sale next year, as well as putting a sandwich board on the common for advertising.


Curriculum Enrichment:  John is working on scheduling a day for the jazz workshop at Bromfield.  Collin thinks the best day would be an E day, and gave several dates to consider for the workshop (Tuesday February 1, Thursday February 10, Wednesday March 9, and Tuesday March 29).  John will discuss these dates with the band.


John also is looking at dates in May for a fundraising concert in his home.


Parent Teacher Performance Concert (PTPC):  This concert is scheduled for Thursday, February 10th.  Stephanie reported that 5-6 people committed to performing that night, and that confirmations from other performers are still being received.  Help will be needed with refreshments, ticket sales, and the brochure.


501(C) (3) Status:  The board discussed whether to seek official nonprofit status with the IRS.  After consideration of the time for preparation and the required fees, it was decided to not seek it at this time. 


Faculty News and Requests:  Collin reported that the Grade 5 band will have an open rehearsal in January.  The Senior central district concert will be on January 15th.



Adjournment at 9:06 pm.