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A History

THESSALONIANS began in 1986 as an electronic improvisational ensemble inspired by the work of the British project AMM. Its members: Kim Cascone, Larry Thrasher and David James constructed various instruments from obscure electronic equipment, toys, tools and anything else that made noise. Using techniques of "accidental imbrication," a spontanous narritive was created: a highly-original melange of electonic, metallic and barely ecognizable sounds.

In the spring of 1986, THESSALONIANS performed throughout Colorado on their "Level The Rockies" tour. Returning to San Francisco, they performed around the Bay Area at venues such as The Farm and the ATA Gallery.

After releasing three cassettes (Denver/Boulder '86 cassette, untitled cassette, The Unwinding cassette) and a full-length LP (The Black Field), the original THESSALONIANS lineup dissolved in 1986 as the members needed time to pursure individual projects.

The band reformed in the fall of 1990, incorporating new members and new musical elements. Larry Thrasher has spent several years studying tabla at the Ali Akbar Khan School of Music in Marin and traveling to India to acquire instruments. His percussion is an intregal part of the sound of the second incarnation of
THESSALONIANS. The band has evolved over a period of months into its current lineup: Paul Neyrinck and Kim Cascone on samplers, David James playing bass and guitar, Larry Thrasher on tabla, Don Falcone on synthesizer, Pejman Hakimi on MIDI drums and Doug Murdock playing addional percussion. Though their sound has become more rhythmic and structured, sampled sounds and electronic noise still play an important role in their music.

Paul, Larry and Kim recorded a piece in October 1990 called "Absolute Equinox," for the 1991 Japanese compilation Altered States of Consciousness on U.P.D. Organization featuring Merzbow.

After four long years, performances were reinstated. One such show was at the benefit for Oracle Unlimited at Dominican College October 4, 1991 with guests Zakir Hussain, Geosonic and Obiba. That, however, was not to last.

For the next few years THESSALONIANS evolves yet again into a studio-based musical unit and their music broadens. THESSALONIANS stuns the world with their first full-length CD Soulcraft, with Kim Cascone, Don Falcone, Larry Thrasher, David James, and Paul Neyrinck.was released in 1993 on Silent Records. CMJ review says: " we are given a glimpse of a new frontier unfolding in their music, where matters of the spirit are reflected in the manipulation of the machine."

The next few years singles were released. In 1994, En-trance puts out the compilation: En-trance, Vol. 2 ­ A Collection of Tribal Techno Trance Grooves featuring THESSALONIANS "Be Here Now (Red Devil Mix)."

In '95 Silent Records assembles its own fine series of compilations From Here to Tranquility, Vol. 5 choosing THESSALONIANS "E-Space."

British label Beechwood Music produces in 1996 a brilliant collection of the more popular artists doing ambient music. The CD is entitled 110 Below ­ No Sleeve Notes Required, Vol. 3. THESSALONIANS "Serious Ancient Rhythm" is included along with tracks by stellar artists: Future Sounds Of London, Brian Eno and Muslimgauze.

Between the springs of '92 and '96 THESSALONIANS worked in Larry's Berkeley studio and Paul's San Francisco place to create their next full-length CD. Its genesis came from Paul by way of a favorite s/f film "Solaristics" by Andrei Tarkovski. After the CD's completion, though, the label underwent major changes. In the spring of 1996 THESSALONIANS member and label founder Kim Cascone sold Silent Records. The new owner passed on the CDs release; other offers were not forthcoming. Though not forgotten, the CD, was to languish for years.

The fall of 1997 saw the nascency of Noh Poetry Records founded by THESSALONIANS synthesist Don Falcone. The label struggled to produce four releases over the next 7 years. Finally, the time came for Solaristics to arrive. Don contacted Kim who has since had a thriving career doing sonic works worldwide. He and the other musicians were warmed to hear of its pending release May 1, 2005. And straight from the vaults . . . with no modifications to the original 1996 recording Solaristics.



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Press release from Silent Records circa 1991

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