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"Images" by Spirits Burning
Live music video of Spirits Burning performing the Hawkwind classic at Kozfest July 29, 2017.

Bridget Wishart: Vocals, Martin Plumley: Acoustic Guitar, Steve Bemand: Electric Guitar/Backing Vocals, Richard Chadwick: Drums, Don Falcone: Synths, Kev Ellis: Synths and Colin Kafka: Bass

Video by Richard Standrin

"Revenant" by Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart
Music video from the CD "Make Believe It Real" on Gonzo Mulitmedia (2014).
Lyrics by Wishart; Music by Bainbridge, Falcone, Gold-Molina, Monticello, Plumley, Wishart

Bridget Wishart: Vocals, Martin Plumley: Guitars, Gabe Monticello: Backing Vocals, Jack Gold-Molina: Drums,
Don Falcone: Bass Guitar, Harvey Bainbridge: Synths

Video Directed by Enzoo Stektelj
Cuts from Nosferatu (1922), Castle Of Doom (1932), The Undead (1957), Fangs of the Living Dead (1969), The Vampire Lovers (1970)

Video sampler by Spirits Burning & Clearlight
Music video from the CD "Healthy Music In Large Doses" on Gonzo Mulitmedia (January 2013).

Video Directed by Karen Anderson

"Underworld Messiah" by Spirits Burning
Music video by Spirits Burning performing "Underworld Messiah" from the CD "Behold The Action Man" on Gonzo Mulitmedia (2011). Composed by Falcone, Cortinas, Magnusson, Mild & Rule.

Jaime Cortinas: Bass Guitar; Don Falcone: Synths, Low Freq Energy, Capt. Nemo, Tonic, and Click Synths;
Kenneth Magnusson: Mellotron (Saxophone, Strings, Synth Lead, & 2 Extra Bursts of Bass Synth);
Bob Mild: Drums; Cyndee Lee Rule: Viper (Violin)

Video Directed by Karen Anderson

"Future Memories" by Creative Element
Creative Element (Tracy Williams, Don Falcone, Ricky Gauvreau, Kiersten Walter, and Chris), live at the Nightbreak in San Francisco, CA on July 19, 1989.
"Future Memories" was written by Don Falcone and first performed by Spirits Burning in 1987. A new arrangement was released in 2008 on the Spirits Burning CD/2LP "Alien Injection" on Black Widow Records.

"Bourgeoisie" by Spirits Burning & Ed Kazala
This is a video from 1987, produced by Robin Burns and Patrick Hilferty. It includes some brief live clips of Spirits Burning performing "Bourgeoisie" at various San Francisco venues. Members of the band: Don Falcone (bass), Joe Diehl (lead guitar), Tracy Williams (rhythm guitar), Ricky Gauvreau (drums), and vocalist Ed Kazala.

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