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Cover painting by Jilaen Sherwood

Welcome to the Spirits Burning & Michael Moorcock "An Alien Heat" website.

An Alien Heat at the End of a Multiverse ... re-imagined by Don Falcone, Albert Bouchard (BÖC) & Michael Moorcock, with Blue Öyster Cult Family Members Joe Bouchard, Richie Castellano & Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser, Hawkwind Family Members Harvey Bainbridge, Adrian Shaw, Mick Slattery, & Bridget Wishart, plus Andy Dalby (Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come), Monty Oxymoron (The Damned), Ken Pustelnik (The Groundhogs), Jonathan Segel (Camper Van Beethoven), Lux Vibratus (Nektar), and more ...

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Song List

 Hothouse Flowers 4.09
 Geronimo 4.42
 Soirée of Fire 5.20
 In the Future 4.05
 Doomed 4.25
 Fall In Love 4.14
 Any Particular Interest 2.58
 Dark Dominion 4.49
 Seven Finger Solution 4.07
 To Steal A Space Traveller 7.29
 Virtue & Mrs. Amelia Underwood 6.33
 Learning The Art 3.04
 Back To 1896 4.28
 Quest For Bromley 3.00
 Thank You For The Fog 7.34
 Old Friends With New Faces 4.43


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