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Available before the end of 2017 from Gonzo Multimedia
Cover painting by Jilaen Sherwood

Welcome to the Spirits Burning & Michael Moorcock "An Alien Heat" website.

An Alien Heat at the End of a Multiverse ... re-imagined by Don Falcone, Albert Bouchard (BÖC) & Michael Moorcock, with Blue Öyster Cult Family Members Joe Bouchard, Richie Castellano & Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser, Hawkwind Family Members Harvey Bainbridge, Adrian Shaw, Mick Slattery, & Bridget Wishart, plus Andy Dalby (Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come), Monty Oxymoron (The Damned), Ken Pustelnik (The Groundhogs), Jonathan Segel (Camper Van Beethoven), Lux Vibratus (Nektar), and more ...


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