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 [Sprits Burning Starhawk CD]

"Starhawk" available from Gonzo Multimedia

Spirits Burning has produced a musical adaptation of Mack Maloney's sci-fi novel "Starhawk" with over 70 minutes of music, and more than forty-five cosmic crew members!

Includes bonus 8-page comic with artwork by Steve Lines.

A sci-fi adventure ... resurrected by Don Falcone & Mack Maloney, with Hawkwind family members Dave Anderson, Alan Davey, Paul Hayles, Jerry Richards, Nik Turner, Twink, & Bridget Wishart, plus Daevid Allen (Gong), Robert Berry (3), Andy Bole, Keith Christmas (Bowie), John Ellis (The Vibrators), Kev Ellis (Space Cadets), Matt Malley (Counting Crows), Nigel Mazlyn Jones, Pete Pavli (High Tide), Ken Pustelnik (The Groundhogs), Billy Sherwood (Yes), Judge Smith (Van der Graaf), Steffe Sharpstrings (Here and Now), Cyrille Verdeaux (Clearlight), Steve York, & 24 more musicians...


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