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[SB Crew IV]

The Spirits & Their Points of Origin

Daevid Allen: Gong, University of Errors, Soft Machine, Weird Biscuit Teatime, Soft Machine
Karen Anderson: Spaceship Eyes, PsiClub, Blue Lily Commission
Captain Black: Hawkwind, Spacehead
Michael Camaro: Dark Sun
Michael Clare: University of Errors,  Weird Biscuit Teatime
Graham Clark: Gong, Spacehead, Jah Wobble's Deep Space, Majick Brothers
Tom Dambly: Quiet Celebration, Weird Biscuit Teatime, Tipsy
DarkSanttu: Dark Sun
Kev Ellis: Bubbledubble, Dr. Brown, Magick Cat, Mushroom Men, Sonic Arcana
Doug Erickson:  Grindlestone, Zesty Enterprise, Geary Street Quartet, Spaceship Eyes
Don Falcone: Spaceship Eyes, Quiet Celebration, Falcone & Palmer, Thessalonians, Fireclan, Spaceship Eyes, Trap, Melting Euphoria 
Dave Figoli: "Cyberian Studios"
"KFJC 89.7 FM," Space Dust, Primordial Undermind 
Chris Hopgood: Arlen, Lady Winwood's Maggot, Magick Cat, Acousticat
Carl Howard:
Born To Go, Alien Planetscape
Jerry Jeter: Spaceship Eyes, Quiet Celebration, Spirits Burning (1980s)
Langdon Jones: "The Eyes of the Lens," "New Worlds," Bellyflops
Mychael Merrill: Fireclan, Melting Euphoria 
Michael Moorcock: Michael Moorcock and The Deep Fix, Hawkwind, Blue Oyster Cult, Bellyflops, Nik Turner, Robert Calvert's "Hype" & "Lucky Leif & Longships," "Gloriana," "The Entropy Tango," "Elric of Melnibone," "New Worlds"
Mushroom : Alex Palao, Erik Pearson, Pat O'Hearn Thomas
Roger S. Neville-Neil: Hawkwind's "Heads" & "The War I Survived, "Farflung's "The Raven Ate the Moon" 
Stephen Palmer: Mooch , Blue Lily Commission, Falcone & Palmer, "Flowercrash", "Memoryseed," "Muessinland"
Pete Pavli: Michael Moorcock and The Deep Fix, High Tide, Robert Calvert's "Hype"
Doug Pearson: Primordial Undermind, Mushroom
Purjah: Quiet Celebration
Jay Radford: University of Errors, Mushroom
Adrian Shaw: Bevis Frond, Hawkwind, Magic Muscle
ST37: Joel Crutcher, Mark Stone, Dave Cameron, Scott Telles, with Craig Stewart 
Brian Tawn: "Hawkfan," "Dude's Dreams: The Music of Michael Moorcock"
Steve Taylor: Secret Saucer, Star Nation, Hawkwind, Farflung
Thom The World Poet: Gong, Thom the World Poet & The Golden Age Orchestra 
Larry Thrasher: Thessalonians , Thee Majesty, Psychic TV
Alan Wall: "China," "The Lightning Cage," "Curved Light"
Tim Walters: Pledge Drive, The Loud Family
Paul Williams: Church of Hed, Secret Saucer, Quarkspace, National Steam  
Bridget Wishart: Hawkwind, Hippy Slags, Demented Stoats
Pete Yarbrough: Netherworld
Yur Zappa: Dark Sun

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