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The Spirits & Their Points of Origin

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O: Acid Mothers Temple, Acid Mothers Gong
Daevid Allen: Gong, University of Errors, Soft Machine Weird Biscuit Teatime, Acid Mothers Gong
Karen Anderson: Spaceship Eyes, PsiClub, Blue Lily Commission
Michael Clare: University of Errors, Weird Biscuit Teatime

Graham Clarke: Gong, Spacehead

Tom Dambly: Tipsy, Weird Biscuit Teatime guest  
Luis Davila (Zero): Melting Euphoria, Fireclan

Paul Eggleston: Bionaut
Dave Falcone:  Philly acoustic guitarist, Quiet Celebration
Don Falcone: Spaceship Eyes, Quiet Celebration, Weird Biscuit Teatime, Thessalonians,, Fireclan, Falcone & Palmer 

Chris Green: Bionaut
Carl Howard: Born To Go , Alien Planetscape

Edward Huson: Quiet Celebration, Spaceship Eyes
Indy : Spaceship Eyes
Jerry Jeter: Quiet Celebration, Spirits Burning (1980s) 
Rich Landar: King Black Acid

Pierce E. McDowell:, Azigza, Gong Matrices

Mychael Merrill:, Melting Euphoria, Fireclan
Gary Parra:
Trap, Noisy Neighbors, Spaceship Eyes live ensemble, PFS, Cartoon
Quiet Celebration

Trey Sabatelli: The Tubes, Jefferson Starship, Todd Rundgren, Weird Biscuit Teatime, Gone Jackals
Pat O' Thomas:
University of Errors
Judge Trev: Nik Turner's ICU, Robert Calvert's Hype 
Paul Williams: Church of Hed, Quarkspace, National Steam  
Randy Wilson: Netherworld

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