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The Spirits & Their Points of Origin                   = pictured in Spirits Burning Vision  2.0

Daevid Allen: Gong, University of Errors, Soft Machine
Karen Anderson: Spaceship Eyes, PsiClub  
Robert Calvert: Hawkwind, Hawklords 
Michael Clare: University of Errors 

Doug Erickson:  Grindlestone, Monocaine, New Sun
Don Falcone: Spaceship Eyes, Quiet Celebration, Spaceship Mooch, Thessalonians  
Knut Gerwers: Nik Turner & The Moor,
Grawer: Primordial Undermind 

Carl Howard:
Born To Go
Jerry Jeter: Jeter-Falcone Project 

Jon Leidecker: Wobbly
Judge Trev: Nik Turner's ICU, Robert Calvert's Hype 

Kenneth Magnusson: The Moor
Roger S. Neville-Neil: Hawkwind, Farflung scribe 
Stephen Palmer: Mooch , Blue Lily Commission, Spaceship Mooch  
Doug Pearson: Primordial Undermind, Dogbreath, Mushroom, Terminal Waste Band 

Neil Pinnock:
Teed Rockwell: Downtown New Delhi 

Bruce Smith:
The Dimes, Kameleon, Wump
Thom The World Poet: Gong, Strange Daze MC 
Paul Williams: Quarkspace, National Steam  

Pete Wyer: Mooch
Don Xaliman: Melodic Energy Commission 
Duane Zarakov: Space Dust, Brother Love 

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