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Available from Gonzo Multimedia
Cover painting by Hawk Alfredson

Welcome to the Spirits Burning & Clearlight "The Roadmap In Your Head" website.

Sonic paths for a new day ... envisioned by Don Falcone & Cyrille Verdeaux, with Gong global family members Daevid Allen, Michael Clare, Ian East, Fabio Golfetti, Steve Hillage, Mike Howlett, Didier Malherbe, Pierce McDowell, Stefanie Petrik, Dave Sturt, Kavus Torabi, Theo Travis, & Harry Williamson, Hawkwind family members Steve Bemand, Steve Hayes, Nik Turner, & Bridget Wishart, plus Paul Booth (Steve Winwood), Albert Bouchard (BÍC), Judy Dyble (Fairport Convention), Jonathan Segel (Camper Van Beethoven).

Song List

 The Roadmap In Your Head 3:56
 Sun Sculptor & The Electrobilities 3:50
 The Birth Of Belief 8:38
 Coffee For Coltrane 6:58
 Isolation In 10 80 2:55
 Mrs. Noonness 4:12
 The Old College Sky Is Where We Left It  1:28
 Fuel For The Gods 13:05
 Early Evening Rain 3:31
 Black Squirrel At The Root Of The Staircase 7:34
 Outsiders Parachute In 5:48
 Deja Vu  2:25
 La Rue Inconnue 4:48
 Roadmaps (The Other Way) 5:59



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