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Cover painting by Hawk Alfredson

Welcome to the Spirits Burning & Clearlight "Healthy Music In Large Doses" website.

An aural panacea . . . prescribed by Don Falcone & Cyrille Verdeaux, with Daevid Allen (Gong), Hawkwind family members Bridget Wishart, Adrian Shaw, Paul Hayles, & Andy Anderson (The Cure), Pete Pavli (High Tide), Fabio Golfetti (Gong), Robert Rich, plus members of Broun Fellinis, Cartoon, Flutatious, Manfred Mann's Chapter Three, Melodic Energy Commission, The Muffins, Thinking Plague, Universal Totem Orchestra, & more.


Song List

 Treasures At The Dawn of The Century 5.12
 Raised On Coal & Oil 6.25
 Our Secret Cloud 8.20
 Infinite City 6.32
 Hand Signals & Daily Horoscopes 5.12
 Cool Can Of Cola On The Forehead 4.52
 Healing Power Of Magnets  6.54
 Travellin Sideways 4.47
 The Kingdom Of Music (Bon sens Revisted) 4.42
 In Search Of Friends On The Day Of Masks 4.11
 Italian Lake 2.54
 The Road To Shave Ice  5.59
 Bring It Down 5.30



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