Spirits Burning
Space Rock Collective

[Crazy Fluid]

Released on the Voiceprint/Floating World label.

"Crazy Fluid"
Song List

Holy Water and the Sea Movers 7.27
My Caspian Sea Monster 10.17
Slicing Through THe Unknown Plantagenets 9.03
I Don't Want To Grow Up and Be A Scent Dealer Like You 1.57
Caravelle 6.38
Pinball Symphonics
(An Ancient Psychedelic Performance @ The Tail End of Youth)
Martian Crystals 6.00
Liquid Clocks 5.26
Fondue Fuels 7.44
The Book of Luana 10.26
(i) Luana Doom!
(ii) Luana The Duchess
(iii) A Preacher For Luana
(iv) Luana The Host (and the Carnival for the Defense)
 Total  74.30


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