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Released on GONZO Multimedia on July 2011.




Welcome to the Spirits Burning "Behold The Action Man" website.

A Space Rock Journey into Film Noir investigated by Don Falcone & Roger Neville-Neil, with Daevid Allen (Gong), Al Bouchard (Blue Öyster Cult), Melodic Energy Commission, Hawkwind family members Alan Davey, Paul Hayles, & Bridget Wishart, Gitta Mackay (The Hornettes), The Upsidedown's Jsun Atoms & Bob Mild, members of Jefferson Starship, The Moor, Starfighters, and more

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"Behold The Action Man"
Song List

   [BTAM lyrics]


Past voyages

 [New Worlds By Design]

 [Reflections from a Radio Shower]


 [Alien Injection]

[Earth Born] 

[SB: Our Best Trips] 

[Golden Age Orchestra] 


 [Crazy Fluid]
New Worlds By Design Reflections In A Radio Shower Found in Nature Alien Injection Earth Born Our Best Trips: 1998-2008 Golden Age Orchestra

Crazy Fluid



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