Quiet Celebration
Ambient World-Jazz

[Quiet Celebration-Sequel]

"Sequel" is now available from Mellow Records

Don Falcone, Edward Huson, and Purjah return with 11 quartets.

Each song features a special guest:
Daevid Allen (gliss guitar)
Karen Anderson (vocals)
Sean Carson (saz)
Graham Clark (violin)
Tom Dambly (flugel horn, bucket-muted trumpet)
David Falcone (acoustic guitar)
Jerry Jeter (resonator)
Rich Landar (mandolin)
Mychael Merrill (djembe)
Teed Rockwell (stick drones)

[Quiet Celebration]

The original Quiet Celebration: Ashley Adams, Don Falcone, Edward Huson, & Purhjah

.. A San Francisco-Bay Area-based band that was founded by electronic musician Don Falcone. The band creates an atmospheric mix of ambient, jazz, electronic and ethnic music. The rhythms have a delightful Moroccan-sounding feel, although everything from the synths to the woodwinds to the percussion is all very "ambient" sounding. The QC musicians have worked with Heavenly Music Corporation, Henry Kaiser, Spice Barons, Beth Custer and Spirits Burning. Quiet Celebration has opened for Grassy Knoll and S.F. dub DJ Sep. They have produced so far two CDs: Quiet Celebration (2000) and Sequel (2007).

The music of Quiet Celebration has appeared on various film and tv shows, including "Beyond The Da Vinci Code," "Conspiracy Files: Mystery of Roswell," "The Secret Life of Vampires," and "Spy In The Wild."

Quiet Celebration has been played on numerous radio shows: Aural Innovations Radio, Neptune Currents, Mixed Up Class, Gagliarchives, Pushing The Envelope and Feedback Monitor to name a select few.

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R.I.P. John "Purjah" Purves

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