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1) "Electric Sunrise"- Fireclan from "Sunrise to Sunset" CD. Guest star: Daevid Allen.
2) "Pythagorean Sea II"- Kim Cascone from "Where Stalks The Sandman" CD compilation
3) "Resubmergence"- Spaceship Eyes from "Kamarupa" CD
4) "The Entropy Tango"- Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix from "The Entropy Tango & Gloriana Demo Sessions" CD
5) "Tombolo Beano Ductile"- Grindlestone from "one" CD
6) "Sapphire" - Quiet Celebration from "Quiet Celebration" CD
7) "360"- Thessalonians from "Solaristics" CD
8) "Black Star"- Falcone & Palmer from "Gothic Ships" CD
9) "Our Floor With All Its Beliefs"- Grindlestone video from "tone" CD

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