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1) "Pacifica" Astralfish
2) "Pepper Sky" Astralfish
3) "Our Floor With All Its Beliefs" Grindlestone
4) "Once There Was Only" Grindlestone
5) "Pythagorean Sea II" Kim Cascone (Where Stalks The Sandman compilation)
6) "Black Star" Falcone & Palmer
7) "Online Emergency Molasses" Grindlestone
8) "Thinking Mouse" Thessalonians
9) "Sudden Mist" Fireclan
10) "Chameleon Sighting" Spaceship Eyes
11) "A Grapefruit In The World Of Park" Steven Wilson (Where Stalks The Sandman compilation)
12) "Indigo" Quiet Celebration
13) "The Tale Of The Entropy Tango" Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix

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1) "Electric Sunrise"-Fireclan from "Sunrise to Sunset" CD. Guest star: Daevid Allen.
2) "Pythagorean Sea II"-Kim Cascone From "Where Stalks The Sandman" CD compilation
3) "Resubmergence"- Spaceship Eyes From "Kamarupa" CD
4) "The Entropy Tango"- Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix From "The Entropy Tango & Gloriana Demo Sessions" CD
5) "Tombolo Beano Ductile"- Grindlestone from "one" CD
6) "Sapphire" - Quiet Celebration From "Quiet Celebration" CD
7) "360"-Thessalonians from "Solaristics"
8) "Black Star"- Falcone & Palmer from "Gothic Ships" CD
9) "Our Floor With All Its Beliefs"- Grindlestone video from "tone" CD

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