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June 2006
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 Track 1: "Gene Flurry" (excerpt)  Falcone & Palmer  from  Gothic Ships  CD-R
 Track 2: "Drowning Weather" (excerpt)  Thessalonians  from  Solaristics  CD
 Track 3: "Pythagorean Sea II" (excerpt)  Kim Cascone  from  Where Stalks the Sandman  CD
 Track 4: "Cliff of Fate" (excerpt)  Fireclan  from  Sunrise to Sunset  CD

February 2006
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 Track 1: "Goth Pool Revisited" (excerpt)  Falcone & Palmer  from  Gothic Ships  CD-R
 Track 2: "Peru" (excerpt)  Quiet Celebration  from  Quiet Celebration CD
 Track 3: "An Isolated Craft" (excerpt)  Don Falcone  from  Where Stalks the Sandman  CD
 Track 4: "Bridge Three" Thessalonians  (Don Falcone) from  Solaristics  CD

November 2005
       Download:     mp3     (10 MB, 11 minutes)

 Track 1: "Electric Sunrise" (excerpt)  Fireclan  from  Sunrise to Sunset  CD
 Track 2: "E-space" (excerpt)  Thessalonians  from  Solaristics  CD
 Track 3: "Indigo" (excerpt)  Quiet Celebration  from  Quiet Celebration CD
 Track 4: "Resubmergence" (excerpt)  Spaceship Eyes  from  Kamarupa  CD


  August 2005
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 Track 1: "Salmon" (excerpt)  Quiet Celebration  from  Quiet Celebration  CD
 Track 2: "Satori" (excerpt)  Spaceship Eyes  from  Kamarupa  CD
 Track 3: "Sudden Mist" (excerpt)  Fireclan  from  Sunrise to Sunset  CD
 Track 4: "Solaristics" (excerpt)  Thessalonians  from  Solaristics  CD

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