Michael Moorcock
& The Deep Fix

The Entropy Tango & Gloriana Demo Sessions CD


"Low fi cuts from an unfinished oddball science fiction radio opera. Has a Tom Waits feel, and maintains the aesthetic found on old super hero records (a la MF Doom / RZA samples). These are demo tapes from unreleased album sessions by famed science fiction writer and figure Michael Morecock with songs based on two of his novels." -- Barbra Anne, KZSU Reviews, Dec, 2009

"The well-known science fiction/fantasy fiction writer Michael Moorcock collaborated for a long time with space rock legends Hawkwind and has also written some lyrics for Blue Öyster Cult. His 1975 album "New Worlds Fair" released as Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix featured some musicians from Hawkwind, among others, and the original vinyl is highly collectable. After that the man haven't really released that much music, apart from a couple of singles in the 80's and occasional compilation releases. Moorcock was also involved on the Alien Injection album by international space rock project Spirits Burning released last year. The Spirits Burning main man Don Marino Falcone was also the head producer on this CD that includes demos based on Moorcock's Entropy Tango and Gloriana novels. Michael, who has an interesting voice and a surprisingly wide range sings and plays for example guitar while Peter Pavli takes care of the other instrumentation (including cello, bass, mandolin etc.). In addition, writer Langdon Jones plays piano on one track. The album has as many as 30 tracks, most of which are pretty short. A couple of pieces are also included as alternative versions, and "The Tale of The Entropy Tango" originally from the Hawkfan #12 album put together by Hawkfan zine's Brian Tawn, that I'm sure the die-hard Hawkwind collectors have previously heard, makes are-appearance too. These rather primitive and minimal demo recordings that were made around 1977 and 1978 never led anywhere and both the projects were dropped. So it's really great that the original recordings have been unearthed and digitalized and made public to the fans." -- DJ.A, TimeMazine Issue #4

"The first thing to note about these recordings is that they're exactly as described: demos. Very underworked, unfinished, piano-and-strings- based pieces with Moorcock's rich, winsome, vocals. That's not to say that enthusiasts won't find this release of keen interest. The dedicated Moorcock follower will find these tracks a charming pointer to what might have been if there was the opportunity to develop them further, so, from a historical perspective, a great service has been done in getting these sourced and released." -- Ian Abrahams, Record Collector, Febuary 2009, Issue 359

" . . . . an interesting historical document." -- Starfarer's Hawkwind Page, Part 28, March 2009

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