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KAREN ANDERSON is a sound and multi-media artist from the San Francisco/Bay Area. Karen came to the Bay Area in 1982 to attend college at San Francisco State University (B.A. Broadcasting, '87), studying media, art and computers under Lynn Hershman and Steve Wilson. She has since attended the graduate programs at Mills College in Electronic Music and SFSU Inter Arts.

She has composed and engineered live sound performances with the late Joe Catalano, Guadalupe Garcia, Michele Rabkin in such diverse places as The Lab, Pro Arts, Noe Valley Ministry, Cafe de Nord and SF Institute of Art. With her husband, she co-founded the visionary independent record label, Noh Poetry Records, in 1997, to further their electronic/experimental musical adventures. She has appeared on CDs by Spaceship Eyes, Spirits Burning, Trap, Fireclan, Mooch and Blue Lily Commission titles Eastern Evening, Seshen and the White Jasmine Commission. [DISCOGRAPHY]

Her latest piece released on May 7th, 2001 is "Ouroboros" from the Where Stalks The Sandman CD compilation on Noh Poetry. It had its proud airplay debut 5/29/01 on Greg Clow's feedback monitor.  Review: "Just one of the very best rhythm-free space-ambient albums you'll find on the planet" - Andy G. CD Services

Karen has been creating computer-aided paintings and soundscapes since she got hooked on her Commodore Amiga in 1982. Currently, she is using for her artwork: Mac & Photoshop, & for her music: Pro Tools. She loves to photograph with her new Nikon DSLR camera.

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