Karen Anderson

Paintings and photographs display a balance between the organic and the digital.
Compositions are filled with an almost boundless abstraction and surreal imagery.

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Artwork & Photography

 CD Covers   

 [Found in Nature CD]
Spirits Burning "Found In Nature"
"Where Stalks The Sandman" compilation

 Digital Paintings   


Paris 88
Brilliant Sky (Weird Dream Filter)
 [SB Our Best Trips]
Spirits Burning "Our Best Trips"
[Crazy Fluid]
Spirits Burning "Crazy Fluid"

Thessalonians "Solaristics"
  [stigmatica.jpg]Stigmatica   [St. Aidan's Journey]
St. Aidan's Journey
 [The DaVinci Ape]
The DaVinci Ape
 Spirits Burning BTAM
Spirits Burning "Behold The Action Man"
Spirits Burning "Starhawk"

 Band Photos   
 Weird Biscuit Teatime
Weird Biscuit Teatime (c. 2000)
 Red Gypsy Rain
Red Gypsy Rain (c. 1991)
 Spirits Burning
Grindlestone "tone"
Spirits Burning "Space Rock Sampler"
 Quiet Celebration
Quiet Celebration "Sequel"
Spirits Burning (c. 1988)
 Red Rain
Red Rain (c. 1991)
Spirits Burning
Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart
"Ace of Spades" band
[Donny Noir] 
Don Noir
Golden Gate Park, San Francsico 
Devil's Teeth (Farallon Islands)
 Ho'okipa Beach, Maui
Ho'okipa Beach, Maui
[Bridget Wishart-Queen of Outer Space Rock]
Bridget Wishart
Queen of Outer Space Rock
[SB Ace of Spades gang]
The Ace of Spades Gang 
Noh Poetry Catalogue 
Noh Poetry Catalogue
  El Capitan
 El Capitán, Yosemite Nat'l Park

Sunrise Melts Over The Adriatic Sea 
Amalfi Coast, Italy
Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Artistic Résumé

     CD graphics

Spirits Burning Starhawk, 2015
CD Cover, Layout, Design
Gonzo Multimedia

Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart ­ Make Believe It Real, 2014
CD Layout, Design
Gonzo Multimedia

Spirits Burning & Clearlight ­ Healthy Music In Large Doses, 2013
CD Layout, Design
Gonzo Multimedia

Astralfish ­ Far Corners, 2012
Trayback, Layout, Design
Noh Poetry Records

Spirits Burning ­ Behold The Action Man, 2011
CD Cover, Layout, Design
Gonzo Multimedia

Grindlestone ­ tone, 2011
CD Cover, Layout, Design
Noh Poetry Records

Djinn ­ Last Wish, 2011
CD Layout, Design
Earthquake Records

Omenopus ­ Time Flies, 2010
CD Layout, Design
Monty Maggot Records

Spirits Burning ­ Crazy Fluid, 2010
CD Cover, Layout, Design, Backgrounds
Voiceprint Records

Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart ­ Bloodlines, 2009
CD Layout, Design, Backgrounds
Voiceprint Records

Spirits Burning & Thom The World Poet ­ Golden Age Orchestra, 2009
CD Layout, Design, Backgrounds
Voiceprint Records

Spirits Burning ­ Our Best Trips: 1998-2008, 2009
CD Cover, Layout, Design
Voiceprint Records

Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix ­ The Entropy Tango & Gloriana Demo Sessions, 2008
CD Layout, Design
Noh Poetry Records

Grindlestone­ "one", 2008
CD Cover, Layout
Noh Poetry Records

Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart ­ Earth Born, 2008
CD Layout, Design, Backgrounds
Voiceprint Records

Quiet Celebration ­ Sequel, 2007
CD Cover, Layout
Mellow Records

Spirits Burning ­ Found in Nature, 2006
CD Cover, Layout
Mellow Records

Falcone and Palmer ­ Gothic Ships, 2006
CD Layout
Noh Poetry Records

Daevid Allen/Weird Bisquit Teatime ­ DJDDAY, 2005
CD Layout
Voiceprint Records

Thessalonians ­ Solaristics, 2005
CD Cover, Layout
Noh Poetry Records

Fireclan ­ Sunrise to Sunset, 2004
CD Layout, Coloration
Noh Poetry Records

Various ­ Where Stalks The Sandman, 2001
CD Cover
Noh Poetry Records

Spirits Burning ­ Reflections In A Radio Shower, 2001
CD Cover, Insert, Photography
Gazul Records

Quiet Celebration ­ Quiet Celebration, 2000
Gazul/Noh Poetry Records

Spirits Burning ­ New Worlds By Design, 1999
Insert backgrounds
Gazul Records

Music videos directed by Karen

Spirits Burning & Clearlight "Healthy Music In Large Doses" (2012)

Astralfish "Far" (2012)

Spirits Burning "Underworld Messiah" (2011)

Grindlestone "Our Floor With All Its Beliefs"(2011)

Omenopus "Le Chapeau Rouge"(2010)


SERVANTE OF DARKNESS (Compiled by Anthony Servante)

Poetry Today 15: Trends & Traditions: Don Falcone poetry section:
My artwork: "St. Aidan's Journey," "Stigmatica" and "Fatima"
Sept 10, 2014


Through this interactive website, I drew portraits of Johnny Cash to be integrated
into a collective whole for the video "Ain't No Grave (Gonna Hold This Body Down)".
Spring, 2011 and ongoing.

 Artists Respond To Terrorism, "Teardown5," Sept 26, 2001 and ongoing.

Art At The Library, April 3-27, 2002, "Stigmatica" in San Leandro, CA.
The Discord-Aggregate Intersection,  July 8, 2001, in Berkeley, CA.
Computer Artist/ Seybold Exhibition , "Magma In Space"

 All About Karen

KAREN ANDERSON is a sound and multi-media artist from the San Francisco/Bay Area. Karen came to the Bay Area in 1982 to attend college at San Francisco State University (B.A. Broadcasting, '87), studying media, art and computers under Lynn Hershman and Steve Wilson. She has since attended the graduate programs at Mills College in Electronic Music and SFSU Inter Arts.

She has composed and engineered live sound performances with the late Joe Catalano, Guadalupe Garcia, Michele Rabkin in such diverse places as The Lab, Pro Arts, Noe Valley Ministry, Cafe de Nord and SF Institute of Art. With her husband, she co-founded the visionary independent record label, Noh Poetry Records, in 1997, to further their electronic/experimental musical adventures. She has appeared on CDs by Spaceship Eyes, Spirits Burning, Trap, Fireclan, Mooch and Blue Lily Commission titles Eastern Evening, Seshen and the White Jasmine Commission. [DISCOGRAPHY]

Her latest piece released on May 7th, 2001 is "Ouroboros" from the Where Stalks The Sandman CD compilation on Noh Poetry. It had its proud airplay debut 5/29/01 on Greg Clow's feedback monitor.  Review: "Just one of the very best rhythm-free space-ambient albums you'll find on the planet" - Andy G. CD Services

Karen has been creating computer-aided paintings and soundscapes since she got hooked on her Commodore Amiga in '82. Currently, she is using for her artwork: Mac & Photoshop, & for her music: Pro Tools. She loves to photograph with her new Nikon DSLR camera.

Thank you for visiting my web gallery!

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