Don Falcone
Music for Film and Television


Spaceship Eyes
Tracks from Spaceship Eyes Truth In The Eyes Of A Spaceship for film:
"Drum 'n' Smoke," "Mind The Alien," and "Roanoke" in Better Living Through Circuitry: Cleopatra Pictures and Seventh Art Releasing, 2000.

Tracks from Spaceship Eyes Kamarupa for Television:
"Chameleon Sighting" in YES' Ultimate Road Trip, Yes.

Quiet Celebration
Tracks from Quiet Celebration for Television:
"Sienna (January 27)" in Beyond the Da Vinci Code, History Channel, 2004; Conspiracy Files: Mystery of Roswell, Discovery Channel, 2006; Swarms, National Geographic, 2005.
"Magenta (February 7)" in Bible Series: The Apostles, A & E; Miami Animal Police, Animal Planet; MTV Presents: Coldplay Live Leak, MTV, 2005; Safari Tracks 115, 117;
The Secret Life of Vampires, A & E, 2005; The Writers: Jane Austin, Biography.
"Amber (March 11)" in Centerfold Babylon, VHI, 2003; Most Bizarre: 99 Most Bizarre Crimes, Learning Channel, 2006.
"Indigo (April 16)" in Beyond the Da Vinci Code, History Channel, 2004; Biography: Christina Onassis, A&E, 2004; Spring Break 2006, MTV, 2006.
"Peru (May 1)" in Beyond the Da Vinci Code, History Channel, 2004; Spy In The Wild, Discovery Channel, 2004.
"Pearl (June 13)" in Safari Tracks 104, 108.
"Coal (July 9)" in Biography: Christina Onassis, A&E, 2004; The Critical Hour #14, Discovery Health Channel, 2005; Driven: Ashanti, VHI, 2004;
The Next Food Network Star Episode #3, Food Network, 2005.
"Sapphire (September 7)" in Driven: Pamela Anderson, VHI, 2004; Miami Animal Police, Animal Planet.

Tracks from Fireclan Sunrise to Sunset for independent productions:
"Beyond The Mountain Top" in Journals, Blue Scarab Films, 2004.
"Cliff of Fate" in The Dancer, A Short Film, Blue Scarab Films, 2004.

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