Music & Recording Equipment of Spirits Burning

and other projects

Bass Guitars
Carvin 5-string bass guitar

Kurzweil K2000S keyboard/sampler
Roland Juno-60 with sequencer
Sequential Circuits Six-Trak
Mellotron (courtesy of Danny C.)
M-Audio Venom (purple model)
  Digital Audio Workstations
Avid Pro Tools 2019 on Mac
Digidesign Pro Tools|HD 3 system with Pro Tools HD 7 on Mac G5
Orban Audicy VX (first DAW; w/scrubwheel for real-time varispeeding/scratching)

Control Surfaces & Mixers
Digidesign Command|8
Mackie CR1604 16-track sound mixer (for studio)
Mackie CR1204 8-track sound mixer (for live recording or performance)

Virtual Instruments
Access Virus Indigo synth
AIR Boom drums
AIR DB-33 organs
AIR Mini Grand
AIR Structure sampler
AIR Vacuum
AIR Xpand! Synth
Hybrid Synth
Strike (virtual drummer)

Loop/Sequencer Plug-ins
Dynamics Plug-ins
Aural Exciter and Big Bottom
Bomb Factory Plutonium
Drawmer Dynamics
Focusrite d2/d3

Miscellaneous Plug-ins
Processing Plug-ins
Line 6 Amp Farm
Line 6 Echo Farm
Reverb One
TL Aggro
TL AutoPan
TL Every
TL Metro
TL Space
Ben-Wa Ball/Orb
Daymuro Drum
Khartal Bells
Nigerian Udu
Nut Shaker
Roland TR-505 Drum Machine
San Leandro Rocks
Spare Chains
Tone Drum

Effects Boxes
Eventide Harmonizer H3000 SE
Line 6 Bass Pod
Line 6 Guitar

Wind and Brass
Bear Flute
Suzuki Melodion M-37 (courtesy of Gary Parra)
M-Audio Sputnik
AKG D-80
Non-Traditional Musical Instruments
Alien Ball
Bass Strings
Dog Pant (courtesy of Indy)
Rubber bands and wrist bands
Toy Snake
  Monitor Speakers & Headphones
Sony MDR-7509HD
AKG K280 headphones
AKG K240 headphones
Mackie HR824 monitors
Scratchware & Clickware
1/4-inch jack (cable inserted into patchbay)
Orban Audicy
Technics SL-1600 Direct Drive Automatic Turntable System
  Playback Devices (Tape Players and Turntables)
JVC TD-W220 Stereo Double Cassette Deck
Technics SV-DA10 Digital Audio Tape Deck
Technics SL-1600 Direct Drive    Automatic Turntable System
Sound Modules
Korg P3 Piano Module plus ROM cards (POC-02 Combo Kit,    POC-04 Orchestra Pit)
  MIDI Controller
Roland TR-505 (used to trigger D-50 keyboard)
  Synchronization Peripherals
Midiman Syncman Pro SMPTE-to-MIDI Sync Box

Those who have served . . .
DAW interfaces that dedicated their lives to older computers: Mbox 2, original Mbox
FX boxes that were given away, disappeared, or died: AKG ADR 68K Reverb, Alesis Midiverb II (courtesy of Karen) dbx 790D proto
   reverb box, MXR Phase 90, Roland SDE-1000 Delay (courtesy of Karen).
Mics that are no longer with us: M-Audio Solaris (given to Daevid). Neumann CMV563 (courtesy of Stan Cotey).
MIDI controllers that stopped working: M-Audio Axiom 64, Edirol PCR-30
Plug-ins that are no longer worked after upgrades: Waves Gold Bundle.
Processors that are no longer with us: Orban 6200 OPTIMOD-DAB, which was once upon a time used for mastering;
   dbx interfaces: 160XT Compressor/Limiter, dbx172 Super Gate, dbx 242 Parametric EQ, dbx 266 Compressor/Gate, and the
   dbx 296 Spectral Enhancer (which was used for the Spice Barons recordings)
Synchronization Peripherals that are no longer with us: Horita BSG-50 Blackburst Sync Audio Tone Generator.
Trombone (courtesy of Marty Acuff).


  Don "behind the wheel" of the good ship Audicy! (back in the day)

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