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Spirits Burning (and Noh Poetry Records too) have entered the world they call myspace. Check out .www.myspace/spiritsburning. There are plenty of links to Spirits Burning crew members, fans, and friends. We have a regualr rotation of Spirits Burning tracks to check out, plus crew pics. In the planning-stage: some special videos, here and at the Noh Poetry myspace site. Keep attuned.

Ambient alert! We have an update: Quiet Celebration "Sequel" is scheduled for release this December, on Mellow Records.

Aural Innovations has an in-depth interview with Don Falcone with splendid new photos of himself and others. There's also a review of the new Spirits Burning CD "Found in Nature." You must check it out!  
And Voiceprint has a surprise: A virtual Spirits Burning best of CD. It's the coolest "Daevid Allen" tracks from Spirits Burning 1 through 3. Plus, two new guitar/electronic duets by Allen & Falcone. It's all happening under the auspices of "Glissando Grooves (SFO Soundtribe 3)" by Daevid Allen and Don Falcone.


Drummer Mychael Merrill (born Michael Wayne Merrill on December 29th, 1963) died of cancer on Friday, July 7th, 2006, at the age of 42.

Mychael was a founding member of San Francisco space rock and psychedelic band Melting Euphoria. He was the drummer for their 1994 self-released debut "Through The Strands of Time" and their entire CD catalog on Cleopatra Records. He was also the drummer for all their live appearances, including opening for Ozric Tentacles at San Francisco's legendary Fillmore Theatre.

In 2002, Mychael started Fireclan with two former Melting Euphoria members. They released "Electric Sunrise, Acoustic Sunset" in 2004. From 1999 to 2006, he contributed drums and percussion as an ongoing crewmember to three CDs by the Spirits Burning space rock collective, and as a guest on CDs by Weird Biscuit Teatime and Quiet Celebration

Mychael's spirit and passion will always be with us.












Fireclan's "Sunrise to Sunset" has made Andy G's best of 2004 list, in the Synth Music category.

The "lost" follow-up to the Thessalonians Soulcraft CD is coming in 2005. Titled "Solaristics," this full-length CD features works by the Thessalonians quartet of Kim Cascone, Larry Thrasher, Paul Neyrinck, and Don Falcone. Only one of the tracks on this CD has ever been released (on the final From Here To Tranquility compilation), while one other track premiered in early 2004 on the Nepturne Currents radio show (as part of a Silent Records retrospective). Thessalonians "Solaristics" will be released by Noh Poetry Records. Details next year. Until then, best holiday wishes.


Noh Poetry Records, the label which released the debut CDs by Spaceship Eyes, Quiet Celebration, and Fireclan has a new, easier to remember, domain name: www.nohpoetryrecords.com.

Expose Magazine (Issue #30, Sept. 04) has reviewed Fireclan's "Sunrise to Sunset" in its Reviewers Roundtable.

While we're waiting for the release of Spirits Burning's third CD from Mellow Records, work on the fourth CD is now over half completed. Vocalist/harmonica player Kev Ellis (Magic Cat, Bubbledubble, Dr. Brown) and guitarist Chris Hopgood (Magic Cat, Arlen) have just completed recording parts for a number of tracks. More Spirits Burning recording news next time.


Coming in December: An announcement of a 2005 release on Noh Poetry Records.


It's a full month of aural and visual innovations. First off, the ultimate Robert Calvert website is now back online. A virtual reincarnation.

You can read views and articles on Mr. Calvert by the likes of Mike Moorcock, Peter Hammill, Dave Brock, Jello Biafra, Don Falcone, a number of Spirits Burning contributors (DarXstar's K. Sören Bengtsson, Tommy Grenas, Ami Hassinen, Kenneth Magnusson, Roger Neville-Neil), and others.

Or, get new artist overviews and musical downloads from musicians (like DF) who have collaborated with Mr. C. in one way or another.

Meanwhile, music from Fireclan's debut CD is now featured in two short films by bay area director Monica Daniel. And you can see and hear the movies for free: Visit the Fireclan homesite for download instructions.

And we have some legacy news on the Quiet Celebration front: Over the last few months, songs from QC's first CD have been used in two VH1 shows ("Driven: Pamela Anderson" and "Centerfold Babylon") and two A&E shows ("Biography: Christina Onassis" and "Biography of the Year: 2003"). Some of these shows are regularly repeated, so it's possible that you might have a chance to relive these QC in TV land moments.

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