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The LATEST NEWS of Noh Poetry has now shifted to our Twitter feed. (9/13)

The Prog Rock Diner with Deb Sears interviews Don Falcone at 06:02PM-06:30PM EST on Radio Fairfax. (2/13)

Don Falcone gabs about all things Spirits Burning in 3 Acts on The Daily Gonzo (Part One), (Part Two), (Part Three). (1/13)

New Astralfish review on Starfarer's Hawkwind Page: "Far Corners is probably as close to mainstream as her Bridget's work gets, smoothly combining easy listening, modern classical, jazz and ambient music." full review (8/12)

The Terry Hawke Show is interviewing Noh Poetry co-founder Don Falcone streaming live on HFM on June 9th
at 5pm PST, or hear the video. [Full interview video] (6/12)

Lotsa great reviews for our newest CD "Far Corners" by Astralfish: "Another fine effort from two of the more creative, diverse, and active members of the contemporary Space Rock scene." ~ Jerry Kranitz of Aural Innovations and
"This is a cool disc that's really not like anything else out there." ~ GW Hill of Music Street Journal. (4/12)
CD Baby is carrying the Astralfish's CD "Far Corners" on its official release date of March 1st.

The Terry Hawke Show is airing "Pacifica" the 3rd of March, and "Key Rings" the 17th of March at 4pm PST on Session 3: 'Synth Session Vol 3' streaming live on HFM.

Also, Astral Visions Internet Radio is playing "Key Rings" currently on its #25 show.

And as if that weren't enough, "Far Corners" is now available from iTunes and Bandcamp. (3/12)

Astralfish is now available at the Noh Poetry Records store. (2/12)

Noh Poetry Records will release Astralfish (Bridget Wishart, Don Falcone and Friends) in March 2012. Astralfish is an instrumental project that mixes space, ambient, jazz, rock, and symphonic music.

[Astralfish CD]The opening track features Gong's Daevid Allen on guitars. Others musicians include:
Douglas Erickson (Grindlestone), Frank Hensel, Pierce McDowell (Gong Matrices),
Steve Palmer (Mooch), Jasper Pattison (Citizen Fish), Martin Plumley (Chumley
Warner Bros.), Purjah (Quiet Celebration), Cyndee Lee Rule, Karl E. H. Seigfried,
Dave Speight (YAK, Peter Banks), Shannon Taylor, and Richard Wileman (Karda Estra).

Mastered by Robert Rich. Produced by Don Marino Falcone & Bridget Wishart.

CD cover by Bridget Wishart. (1/12)

Peace, Joy and Lasting Happiness!

Big news everyone! Noh Poetry is pleased to announce Grindlestone's newest release entitled "Tone" for June 2011.
Here's a video of Grindlestone performing "Our Floor With All Its Beliefs" from the new CD. (6/11)

We've joined the ranks of SoundAwesome. They are a Music Community dedicated to the support and promotion of new, original music providing a full-featured online community - including their own Internet Radio Station. Our site feature 8 songs from the Noh Poetry catalogue. (3/11)

A happy and prosperous New Year to you all! And introducing: NPR logo 2011 [NPR logo] (1/11)
Season's Greetings from Noh Poetry (12/10)
Congratulations to the 2010 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants! We Believe! (11/10)
Our deepest sympathies to the people of San Bruno, California who were affected by the recent gas explosion/Glenview Fire.

Donations can be made to: Glenview Fire Recovery Fund, First National Bank of Northern California, Millbrae-San Bruno Branch, 1551 El Camino Real, Millbrae, CA, 94030. (09/10)
Karen has directed a evocative video of song "Le Chapeau Rouge" by Omenopus (08/10)
Noh Poetry Records Catalog March 2010 has now been digitally published on Issue. Check 'er out! (03/10)
Spirits Burning's "Crazy Fluid" is now available from the Noh Poetry retail shop. The Mp3's are featured on the Spirits Burning MySpace site.(02/10)
Happy New Year! We are looking forward to several Don-related releases (i.e. Spirits Burning "Crazy Fluid" and "Behold The Action Man") and projects galore. (01/10)
Announcing: Bridget Wishart & Don Falcone (both of Spirits Burning) will be in the Bazaar chat room on Sunday 25th October 2009 at 8 pm London time. Tune in right here - The Progressive Rock Forum - Melo's Prog Bazaar (10/09)
Noh Poetry
now carries Bloodlines, the 2nd CD by Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart. All the tracks on this album are about various royal persons. Songs include lyrics about Cleopatra: Queen of Egypt, Dracula's mother, Lobengular: a King of Africa, King Midas from Phrygia and Chaminuka. All in all, a splendid CD. (09/09)
Spirits Burning & Thom The World Poet "Golden Age Orchestra" CD has hit the ground and is available from Voiceprint Records. (07/09)

Don's space-rock outfit, Spirits Burning, has released their "best of" CD entitled Our Best Trips: 1998 to 2008 on Voiceprint Records. And on June 29th, Voiceprint will be releasing the next in the series: Spirits Burning and Thom The World Poet Golden Age Orchestra. (6/09)
Listen online to Guest Interview: DON FALCONE on "HAWKE CHILL OUT SESSIONS" & "NIGHT HAWKE" April 4th, 10pm-8am Sunday [BST] on HFM Radio. (04/09)
Don's interview with Ian Abrahams that appeared in the Finnish magazine Colossus last year is finally available in blogform on Spacerock Reviews. (03/09)
Happy New Year! We're experiencing brisk sales of of our newest CD: The Entropy Tango & Gloriana Demo Sessions; and looking forward to a few reviews. And iTunes is now carrying it. (01/09)
The Entropy Tango & Gloriana Demo Sessions CD is now available from Noh Poetry Records order site and CD Baby. Their fan page on MySpace site has pix, mp3s, videos and whatnot to inform as well as to entertain. (12/08)
Michael Moorcock
is now aboard for a "new" CD from the Deep Fix days called The Entropy Tango & Gloriana Demo Sessions. These are the demo-recordings that Mike Moorcock did with Pete Pavli based mainly on MM's GLORIANA and THE ENTROPY TANGO novels. Should be released on December 1st. The MySpace site has mp3s to listen to. Pre-sales available now! (11/08)
At Noh Poetry we're celebrating the outstanding debut release by Grindlestone "one." Listen to mp3: "Tombola Beano Ductile"  (09/08)
"one" is the one. Grindlestone's debut CD "one" is being pressed within the month by Noh Poetry Records. Copies should be available around Septemeber.  (7/08)
Announcing: the spectacular new website of "Earth Born."  This fabulous CD is the result of a two-year long collaboration between Don Falcone (Spirits Burning) and Bridget Wishart (ex Hawkwind). The collaboration involved 29 artists (28 human and one canine!) So do visit, please.  (4/08)
On the upcoming Banbury Music Radio programme Sunday Space Rock with host Dave Adams on Mar 23rd, 8pm [GMT], Don will be grilled regarding his musical past, present & future. Tune in via the internet at BMR. Banbury's only dedicated online community radio service. Cheers!  (3/08)
Don has really done it this time. He's produced two CDs from his signature band, Spirits Burning in one calendar year. The "Earth Born" CD by Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart was released on February, 2008 on Voiceprint Records - a full month ahead of schedule, and "Alien Injection" CD/LP March, 2008 on Black Widow. Hopefully, our audience is as enthusiastic as we are. Cheers!  (2/08)
Big news everyone! Noh Poetry is pleased to announce the new release by Grindlestone is being pressed in the upcoming year. To hear for yourself, go to Grindlestone's MySpace page. Grindlestone began in 1999 with musicians Douglas Erickson (Zesty Enterprise) and Don Falcone (Spirits Burning). Their first single released was on MARGEN: MUSIC FROM THE EDGE VOL. 4 with fellow artists: Steve Roach, Absolute Zero, Camp Blackfoot etc.

And have a happy new year too!  (1/08)

We're awaiting new adventurers by Don - Spirits Burning "Alien Injection", SB w/ Bridget Wishart, and Melting Euphoria.
And . . . Happy Birthday to Us !  (11/07)
We are celebrating 10 YEARS of NOH POETRY Records

Don and I would like to thank all our friends, musicians, fans and supporters:

Radio airplay:
KZSU, LIVE365, Jerry Kranitz (Aural Innovations), XM Chill, KFJC, Dean Suzuki (Discreet Music), KPFA, Forest (Musical Starstreams), WJZW, WWSP, Eric Mystic (Mystic Music), KKUP, KDVS, DJ Sep, The Big Chief, Wind and Wire, KFAI, Greg Clow (feedback monitor), CUIT, Pierre Gerard (Planète Indie), Must FM, John Diliberto (Echoes), WSHU, WSUF, The Greatest Show from Earth, Steve Davis and Stephen Hill (Hearts of Space), Dutch Radio 4, Steve Davis and Carol Joyce (Neptune Currents), Roger Greer (Brainwaves), KXCI, Chuck Rosenberg (Space Does Not Care), KUCR, Adventures in Consciousness, Bill Fox (EMUSIC), WDIY, Chuck van Zyl (Star's End), WXPN, Romain (Mixed Up Class), Tom Gagliardi (Gagliarchives), WBZC, Joel Kru (Pushing The Envelope), Kalvos & Damian (New Music Bazaar), WGDR, Tim Taylor (Space is the Place),WICR, Sean 'Meistro' (The Progressive Underground), WRUV, No Commercial Potential, WZBC, Jimmy Possession (Jimmy Possession's Musical World), Cambridge Radio, Stanislav Kovac (Pole Position), Radio Gama MM, Uncle Al's Hippie Graveyard, Jonathan Levitt (Radio Shanghai Int'l), Lord Litter's Tapedepartment Radioshow, Radio Marabu Network, Tim Ritchie (Sound Quality), ABC Radio National, Athan's Journey, WMHB, Gregory Taylor (RTQE), WORT, Dwight Loop (Radio 3000), KSFR, Industrial-Trance, KCAT, Jeremy Huylebroeck (Sleepless), RCV 99 FM, Sergey Tutov (Back to the Universe), Radio NSN, Doug Maynard (The Sheltering Sky), WBGU, Ashley Franklin (Soundscapes), BBC Radio Derby, John Szpara (Exposure), KSJS.

DJ Geoff Goodfellow, KZSU reviews; Darren Bergstein, e | i magazine; Thomas Dimuzio, Gench Music; Adrian Mitchell,; Tom De Val, Dutch Progressive Rock Page; Floyd Bledsoe, Progressive Ears; Alan Freeman, Audion; Chuck Rosenberg; Henrik Stromberg, Igloo Magazine; Marc Weidenbaum,; Matt Borghi, freelance music journalist/AMG staff writer; Lloyd Barde, Backroads Music; Dave Griffith, Audion; Bryan Baker, Gajoob; Piero Scaruffi; Jerry Kranitz, Aural Innovations; Marcos Cardozo de Oliveira, Metamúsica; Lord Litter;Remi Cote, Soundscape; Frank Blades, Avebury Project; Peter Thelan, Exposé; John Collinge, Progression Magazine; Andy G., CD Services.

Vendors:, Aural Innovations, Ear-Rational, Soleilmoon, Amoeba Records, iTunes, Emusic, Backroads, Best Buy, CD Baby, (rip), CD Services, Wayside Music, Drone Records, Of Sound Mind, Freak Emporium, Rasputin Music, Rioux's Records, Artist's Shop, Musea, Staalplaat, The Beat, Streetlight Records, ZNR.

We do what we like and we like what we do. We hope you do too!  (7/07)

Baba Falcone says "hey!"  (courtesy of Bridget Wishart).

There's also a full-length (five-page) interview of Don in the new issue (March 2007) of Exposé Magazine #34.

Also, Mooch's Dr Silbury's Liquid Brainstem Band, released on June 21st 2007.....has resulted in 2 great tracks "The Falcon" and "Jupiter Event" featuring Don and Karen.  (6/07)

OH yeah!  iTunes is now carrying more Noh Poetry titles: Spaceship Eyes' "Kamarupa,"  Quiet Celebration, Fireclan's "Sunrise to Sunset" and the compilation "Where Stalks the Sandman."  (5/07)

We got a new vendor of our fine catalogue - CD Baby.  All songs have mp3 samples for your listening pleasure.  (3/07)
Seasons Greetings, y'all! And a Happy New Year.  (12/06) 
Got a hot, new remix of Spaceship Eyes "Sea of Steps" (Director's Cut) mp3 download for ya. Enjoy!  (11/06)
Noh Poetry has officially lauched their MySpace page. Stop by, listen to songs, or leave us a comment. We are now carrying the new Spirits Burning CD "Found In Nature." It features Don Falcone (Spaceship Eyes), with Daevid Allen (Gong), Acid Mothers Temple, Graham Clark (Gong), Trey Sabatelli (The Tubes, Jefferson Starship), plus members of Melting Euphoria, Mushroom and more . . .  (10/06)
Aural Innovations
has online an indepth interview with Don Falcone with splendid new photos of himself and others. You must check it out!  (9/06)
We have sad news to report: Mychael Merrill has passed on to the great gig in the sky. Mychael co-founded Fireclan with two former Melting Euphoria members Luis & Don. They released "Electric Sunrise, Acoustic Sunset" in 2004 on Noh Poetry Records. We'll remember Mychael for his devotion to music and in particular, his spirited drum and percussion playing.  (8/06)
You can now subscribe to our free podcast. Also: Our June 2006 radio show mp3 is online. It features Thessalonians, Fireclan, Falcone & Palmer and a track from "Sandman" CD.  (7/06)
has on its latest playlist two songs by Falcone & Palmer: "Black Star," "Docking At Goth Pool" (5/06)
Good news for fans of Spirits Burning. CD #3: "Found In Nature" is scheduled for release by Mellow Records in the upcoming months.  (4/06)
More and more vendors: Falcone & Palmer is now selling thru and ear-rational.  And congrats to Don for making the "Artist/Group of the Month" on CD Services. Feast your eyes on the copious reviews of his many, many, many projects. (3/06)

Falcone & Palmer Gothic Ships is now available thru our order department. Alert the media: "Docking at Goth Pool" was given a whirl on the great Jerry K's The Electronic Cottage (Show #19). New radio show for February too. (2/06)
Download our latest mp3: "Gene Flurry" by Falcone & Palmer. The release date for Gothic Ships:February 2006.  (1/06)
Looking forward to our next release Falcone & Palmer Gothic Ships. Musically, it is experimental, though pleasant. The dynamic duo behind this CD are Don Falcone (Spaceship Eyes, Quiet Celebration, Thessalonians, Spirits Burning) and Stephen Palmer (Mooch, Blue Lily Commission, fab Sci-Fi writer). Look for it at the beginning of '06. And for additional thrills, have a gander at Steve's striking CD cover.  Oh, and have a happy holiday season.  (12/05)
Our November 2005 radio show is now posted. This edition features excerpts from Thessalonians "E-space," Fireclan "Electric Sunrise," Quiet Celebration "Indigo," and Spaceship Eyes "Resubmergence." Download from the mp3. It runs around 11 minutes long and 10 MB. (11/05)
is now carrying the Thessalonians CD "Solaristics" in its music store. You can buy as singles or the CD.  (10/05)
Noh Poetry is pleased to announce its first radio show. Our August 2005 edition features: Thessalonians "Solaristics," Fireclan "Sudden Mist," Quiet Celebration "Salmon," and Spaceship Eyes "Satori." Or, you can download directly the html file that contains the mp3. It's about 15 minutes long and 14 MB­ bliss out.  (9/05)
We got hot reviews of our latest release Thessalonians Solaristics.  (7/05)
Thessalonians have taken to the airwaves on the programs: Musical Starstreams and Wind and Wire.  Our vendors page is online too. (6/05)

And God said: Let there be THESSALONIANS! We are please to present our newest CD release: Solaristics.
Also, new pages on Thessalonian web site: A history, 1 sheet (pdf) and track listings. Enjoy.  (5/05)
Now hear this: Thessalonians mp3's are available for taking "Solaristics" and "360"  (4/05)

For our mo-bile friends, Noh Poetry Records has a new mobile phone /PDA site on WINKsite. (3/05)
Announcing: our upcoming release Thessalonians "Solaristics." It is the follow-up to the stunning "Soulcraft" CD. Look for it during the Spring of 2005. (2/05)

Fireclan's "Sunrise to Sunset" has made Andy G's best of 2004 list, in the Synth Music category. Hurray!  (1/05)

On the map: our new url is We wish you all Happy Holidaze & a sparkling New Year! (12/04)
Magazine (Issue #30, Sept. 04) has reviewed Fireclan's "Sunrise to Sunset" in its Reviewers Roundtable.  (11/04)

Hear ye, here ye! Hearts of Space radio show will feature Steven Wilson's ambient track "A Grapefruit in the World of Park" from the "Where Stalks The Sandman" compilation on the October 3rd program STARGAZER (running 10/01/04-10/07/04).  (10/04)
Catch the latest reviews of Fireclan and download the video "Journals" by SF/Bay Area director Monica Daniel featuring Fireclan's "Beyond The Mountain Top." (9/04)
Download "The Dancer, A Short Film" by SF/Bay Area director Monica Daniel with music by Fireclan ("Cliff of Fate") from the CD "Sunrise to Sunset." (8/04)

Fireclan has now been played on the radio programs Planète Indie and Echoes . Got new reviews too.  (7/04)
Now hear this - Aural Innovations Radio is now streaming Fireclan's "Acoustic Sunrise" (May 9th), and "Sudden Mist" (May 30th) playlist. A new Mp3 from "Sunrise to Sunset" called "Cliff of Fate." has been added.  (6/04)
Fireclan is available thru Aural Innovations (US), CD Services (UK) & Wayside Music (US). Planet Gong also gave a fine writeup.(5/04)
The debut Fireclan CD, titled "Sunrise to Sunset," will be available 4/20. Fireclan is Melting Euphoria's Mychael Merrill (drums) and Luis "Zero" Davila (synths), with original Melting Euphoria keyboardist Don Falcone on bass. Guests: guitarist Daevid Allen, celloist Kirk Heydt, and percussionist Karen Anderson. Orders now accepted.  
Sudden Mist [Mp3]  (4/04)

Got a new CD release by neo-space rock band, Fireclan "Sunrise to Sunset." Expect it in April.  (3/04)

On hiatus 'til 2004.  (1/03)

Have a happy end o' the year to everyone! (12/02)

Follow our latest reviews by Audion magazine #46 on our reviews page.  And . . . Go Giants! (10/02)

Lookout! The spring 2002 issue of Exposé Magazine is here, And it comes with a free "Bay Prog" CD featuring bands from the SF/Bay Area including our own Spirits Burning and Trap (with vocals by Karen).  (06/02)

Check out Spirits Burning's new release "Reflections In A Radio Shower." (02/02)

Congratulations to Spaceship Eyes' Kamarupa for being chosen as part of the Best of 2001 New Age by (01/02)

Seasons Greetings to one & all
  . . .  from Noh Poetry Records. (12/01)

New Leaf will now be distributing our CD "Where Stalks The Sandman".
Looking forward to Don's new Spirits Burning release around the new year on Gazul. (11/01)

is playing September 15th, 2001, doors open at 8:00 pm at 21 Grand located at 21 Grand Avenue (between Broadway and Webster) in Oakland, CA . (09/01)

The Noh Poetry catalogue is now available thru Emusic in MP3 for download. (8/01)

"Where Stalks The Sandman"
has been released. Got numerous vendors, and some airplay already. The Noh Poetry store is open. We got your shirts, mugs & mousepads. (6/01)
Just put the finishing touches on the new ambient collection "Where Stalks The Sandman" CD. It should be available around May 1st. Tracks & soundbites available. (5/01)

is playing January 6th, 2001 at den of sonick illbience, 483 Guerrero St, #4 @ 17th St., San Francisco between 4:00-5:00pm for a 1 hour matinee show. (12/00)

Aural Innovations Radio
has just uploaded Show 13 in streaming RealAudio.

    5) Spaceship Eyes - "Big Martian Dog Hop" (from Of Cosmic Repercussions)
    6) Quiet Celebration - "Indigo" (from Quiet Celebration)

And we're ever-so-proud of Quiet Celebration's radio debut "Amber" (on Aural Innovations) & "Peru" (on Canada's feedback monitor 10/17/00). Got the QC vendors page online. (11/00)

We're celebrating the new release by Spaceship Eyes "Of Cosmic Repercussions." (10/00)
Here's the latest: Noh Poetry in collaboration with Gazul Records (a Musea subsidiary) are co-releasing the new Quiet Celebration CD.  (Sum. '00)

The label's planning an ambient CD for 2001 release called "Where Stalks the Sandman." Artist contributions by Don Falcone, Karen Anderson, Monocaine and special guests: Kim Cascone and Steven Wilson.  (Spr. '00)

Happy Holidays & a Merry Millennium.  (12/99)
Our newest retailer of Kamarupa is space-rock mag, Aural Innovations(Fall '99) 
Had fun at the International Music Festival in San Francisco on May 29-30th. (Sum. '99) 
Spaceship Eyes' January gig went well. Lotta people there for a Wed night. (Spr. '99) 
Just enjoying the Holidays and planning for future gigs. Seasons Greetings! (11-12/98) 
Newest Spaceship Eyes CD -- Truth -- has charted on KZSU. #3 on Main and #1 on the Dance charts.  (10/98) 
Noh Poetry is celebrating its 1st Anniversary! We're looking forward to a second great year.  (8/98) 
"Kamarupa" has just been lowered in price. Go to order info page for more details.  (7/98) 
Noh Poetry welcomes Ice Jupiter Groove to our new catalogue page. (6/98) 
ATTENTION: Record store buyers. We have a new distributor -- WSI Distributing of Whitehall, MI. The dirty details are on the vendors page. Watch out for our giant ad in Margen #13 (from Spain) and an informative interview with Spaceship Eyes' mastermind Don Falcone. (5/98) 
More soundclips have been included on the Soundstage page including the new remix of the Gary Numan's "Deadliner."
We are looking forward to the gig on May 15th with Spaceship Eyes. Check out the appearances page for details. (4/98) 
Spaceship Eyes has finally been spun in Germany (Lord Litter), China (Jonathan Levitt) and Australia (Tim Ritchie). Great gigs in February, tho' the numbers in attendance were few. (3/98) 
Noh Poetry has moved. We like our new location in the East Bay waterfront IF it would only stop raining. So much for sunny California. Along with sunshine, we are also looking forward to the two February appearances of Spaceship Eyes.

We simply love the radio airplay we've been given. Special thanks to all those great DJs. check out the playlist table for more details. (2/98) 

IndyMusic an Internet Jukebox -- "Storm of Cleopatra" and "Resubmergence" are featured on Indy Music's 13-week playlist from 12/29/97 to 3/29/98 in their full-length version. A Shockwave plug and patience is required. (1/98) 
has been included in The Best of 1997 list by Backroads Music Newsletter and The Lighthouse Keeper.

Just some quick reflections on the year... great vendor support, positive reviews, enthusiastic fan display, tons of HTML programming, radio breakthrough, and finally, more gigs for Spaceship Eyes in '98. Happy New Year! (12/97) 

A quick critique from Progression Magazine ". . . this album seems dedicated to engendering otherworldly states of altered consciousness." [AAHHH, the bliss.] Now awaiting others.

We've broken through on the airwaves, too -- we can now be heard on Echoes radio show and Star's End. Kudos to our newest vendors, Backroads Music and Tower Records at Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco. (10/97) 

NPR is going great. We're anticipating favorable press reviews at the moment (Progression, Expose). And our distribution is increasing with every week. We can now be found at The Laser's Edge (US), Wayside Music (US), Musea (France), CD Services (UK), Sonic Bilby (Australia), ZNR (US) and Cranium Music (New Zealand). Thanks guys! (9/97) 
Noh Poetry Records is proud to release the newest Spaceship Eyes full-length recording of 1997 "Kamarupa" (NPR001). The CD features over 70 minutes of unforgettable instrumental music crossing the boundaries of ambient, prog, space and techno such as the ambient music pioneers Brian Eno and Tangerine Dream, prog/space synth bands like Britain's Hawkwind and techno rads The Orb, FSOL. (8/97)





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