Original Falcon / Comet / Ranchero

/Galaxie / Fairlane Interiors


World's Largest supplier of N.O.S. and O.E.M.

Upholstery sets and restoration parts

1960 thru 1970


What We Offer that Others Don't Offer ?

    1.    N.O.S. Seat Upholstery and N.O.S. vinyl materials to restore your car back to original stock condition

    2.     Fast Mail Order Delivery on all our upholstery seat sets and soft trim goods.

    3.     Custom Interior color combination on your car anyway you want it done.

    4.     We Are The Only Falcon Company in America who has upholstery sets and door panels for 4 door sedans, 2 door sedans, wagons, sedan deliveries, plus N.O.S. 1963 Sprint, Futura seat covers and N.O.S. Ranchero Steer head upholstery sets. * we also have convertibles, hard tops, bucket and bench seat covers for all Falcons.

    5.     We Are The Only Comet Company in America who has N.O.S. upholstery sets for 1963 Comet S-22, 1964 Comet Calientes and 1962/1963 Mercury S-55. We specialize also in 1964/1965/1966 Comet Calientes, Cyclone, hard tops and convertibles seat covers and door panels.

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    Far Outlasts The sweetness of a Cheaper Deal"
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    63FCR.gif (26187 bytes)  63FCF.gif (24233 bytes)

    Example of our work ( 1963 Falcon Convertible  "Rangoon Red" N.O.S. Bucket Upholstery Set)

    *E-mail us to request scanned photos of other examples of our upholstery and trim.

    * Vinyl color samples upon request


    NORTHWEST CLASSIC supplies N.O.S. and O.E.M. seat upholstery and restoration parts for Ford Falcon, Comet, Ranchero and Fairlane.  Call us for prices on all interior parts including upholstery, trim, emblems, carpet, door panels, floor mats, window seals, headliners, sun visors, consoles, dashpads, and much more.  We also carry many other Ford parts including bumpers, hubcaps, and manuals.  If you need it, call us for it!