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  Exlon Extrusion, Inc
  2705 Branchwood Dr.
  Greensboro, NC  27408
  Phone (336) 621-1295
      Fax (336) 621-6958

                Tubing for the pneumatics industry.
                                  Nylon, Polyethylene and Polyurethane Tubing
                                                        Recoil air hose

Exlon Extrusion, Inc. is a custom extrusion manufacturer,
producing tubing, pipe, rods and custom extrusions in a
wide varity of sizes and thermoplastics.
Exlon also offers our own product line of nylon, polyethylene
and polyurethane pneumatic tubing as well as recoil tubing in
a wide range of sizes and colors.
Exlon will provide you with the quality and service you can
count on order after order.

Serving the Plastic Industry
           since 1984




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