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Philadelphia, PA 19106

"I cannot comprehend how any man can want anything but the truth." ~ Marcus Aurelius


B.A., Science Writing/Journalism, DePaul University, Chicago, IL

Published Works


The Science of Superman, iBooks, November 2002

The Depths of Space: The Story of the Pioneer Planetary Probes, Joseph Henry Press, June 2004

Magazine Articles

"The G Machine" - Air & Space Smithsonian, May 2007

"The DEW Line" - American Heritage of Invention & Technology, Spring 2007

"Stretch Nerves After They Snap" - The Pennsylvania Gazette, January/February 2007

"Secrets From the Seabed" - Penn Arts & Sciences Magazine, Spring 2007

"Communicating With Farthest Space" - American Heritage of Invention & Technology, Spring 2006

"No Trip Around the Block" - StarDate, March/April 2006

"Unfriendly Persuasion" - Air & Space Smithsonian, September 2004

"Spies vs. Breast Cancer" - American Heritage of Invention & Technology, Summer 2003

"Winged Atom" - American History, February 2003

Book Review - "Unlocking the Sky: Glenn Hammond Curtis and the Race to Invent the Airplane" - American History, February 2003

"The Tube is Dead - Long Live the Tube" - American Heritage of Invention & Technology, Fall 2002

"SoloTrek Takes Flight" - Flight Journal, October 2002

"Oppenheimer Under Suspicion" - American History, August 2002

"30...and Counting: Pioneer 10" - StarDate, March/April 2002

"The Airplane That Flew Into Space" - American Heritage of Invention & Technology, Summer 2001

Book Review - "Flight: My Life in Mission Control" - American History, August 2001

"The Spacecraft That Will Not Die" - American Heritage of Invention & Technology, Winter 2001

Book Review - "Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe" - Skeptical Inquirer, Nov./Dec. 2000

"Pathfinding the Rings" - Quest: History of Spaceflight Quarterly, Spring 2000

Summer 1999 - Education Associate Fellowship in Science Writing/History, NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA - Various writing & research projects dealing with NASA history

Other publications pending

I'm also a fiction writer, scriptwriter and playwright; following are some of my published and produced works.

Short Fiction

"Black Market" - Strong Coffee, Chicago, IL, May 1994; Pursuit Magazine, February 1997

"Fly On a Windshield" - Keen Science Fiction!, November 1996

"Love In The Silicon Age" - Aboriginal Science Fiction,Summer 1996

Plays and Media Scripts

October 2005 - "The Shadow of the Light" and "Story of the Century" - One-act plays, Shubin Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

November 2000 - "Downwind" - Full-length play, Showcase Theatre, Exeter, PA

June 1999 - "Machines in Love" - One-act play, Showcase Theatre, Exeter, PA

1998 - "Story of the Century" - Audio Play, Ziplow Productions, Hilton Head Island, SC

1994-present - "The Funnt File" Audio/Radio Series - Co-Creator, Chief Writer

1991-1993 - Various radio scripts for "The Iowa Radio Project," National Public Radio

1986-2000 - Public readings of various works by the Playwrights Workshop of Theater Center Philadelphia and the Brick Playhouse, Philadelphia, PA

March 1990 - "Sheltered" - One-act play, Theater Center Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

April 1988 - "Crabgrass and Dandelions" - Full-length play, Theater Center Philadelphia

March 1987 - "Final Report," "Another Saturday Night," "Black Market" - One-act plays, Theater Center Philadelphia