Miscellaneous and Sundry

"Just remember this: In a thousand years, none of this will make any difference." ~ James Moseley, Shockingly Close to the Truth! Confessions of a Grave-Robbing Ufologist

Official U.S. Government Time
Set your watch, set your VCR clock, don't let those stray moments slip by unaccounted...

Trains Magazine
What can I say--I think trains are cool.

Zippy the Pinhead
Everybody's favorite surrealistic microcephalic cartoon character.

George Carlin
A merciless satirist, a courageous performer, and funny as hell.

Every day, a link to a new website exposing the true nature of humanity.

The Electronics Repair FAQ
Your VCR eating tapes for lunch? CD player skipping? Maybe you can find out how to fix it yourself.

How Stuff Works
A website that's all about, uh, how stuff works.

Philadelphia Vacation and Travel Planning Guide
Despite what you might have seen in TV and movies, Philadelphia really is a cool place.

Science Fiction Weekly
Keep current on what's happening in science fiction literature, TV and film.

Make Your Own H-Bomb
Don't worry, the terrorists already know how to do it.

The Rejection Collection
Okay, you maggot, you think you pack the gear to be a real writer? You think it's easy? You think anyone can do it? Check this out and maybe you'll change your mind.

The Harlan Ellison Website
The writer everyone loves to hate and hates to love. A gadfly, social critic, and possibly the finest fantasist of the past hundred years.

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