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"The very meaninglessness of life forces man to create his own meaning."
~ Stanley Kubrick

The Astounding B monster
If you grew up on the bad SF flicks of the '50s like me, you owe it to yourself to drop by this site for a visit.

Flick Lives!
If you want to learn more about Jean Shepherd and what you missed, Jim Clavin's wonderful website is the place to go. You can also hear mp3s of Shep shows and order tapes from Max Schmid.

The Internet Movie Database
Hey, who played that guy? What else has that cute actress been in? What's the name of that movie with that other dude? You can find the answers to these and just about any other film or TV-related query here.

Satellite News: The Official MST3K Info Club Website
If you've never seen MST3K (that's Mystery Science Theater 3000 to the uninitiated), where have you been? It's only about the funniest TV show ever created. Find out about it here.

Television Without Pity
These guys don't pull any punches. And considering how much crappy television there is in the world, that's a good thing. Snarky TV criticism and smartass recaps of all your favorite shows.

More funny, penetrating TV criticism and reviews.

DVD Review
If you want to know what's coming out when on DVD, how to find the hidden features on the DVDs you already have, or even just how the heck DVDs work, try here.

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
The most comprehensive internet resource for the best non-anthology SF television series of all time (yes, and that's including Star Trek).

Homicide: Links on the Sites
A lot of people missed Homicide: Life on the Street when it was originally on the air. They missed some of the finest television the medium has ever offered. This site will lead you to a wealth of Homicide webpages.

Read the screenplays of all your favorite flicks, and discover how hard it really is to be a screenwriter when the director changes all your words.

The Ritz Theatres
If you love movies, you owe it to yourself to visit a Ritz Theatre the next time you're in Philly. About as far from the annoying mall multiplex movie experience as you can get.

The Movie Cliches List
Did you ever notice how, in Movieland, all grocery bags contain at least one stick of French bread, it's necessary to visit a strip club at least once during every police investigation, and all bombs are fitted with electronic timing devices with large red readouts so you know exactly when they're going to go off? Huh? You mean that's not how it is in real life?

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