More Essays, Reviews, Etc.

Some thoughts about the 30th anniversary of Apollo 8, humanity's first voyage to the Moon.

A meditation on the film Apollo 13and what went wrong with our space program.

A few unkind words on the film Independence Dayand why it's basically evil.

An appreciation of one of the greatest humorists and storytellers of the 20th Century, the late Jean Shepherd.

A review of Joel Achenbach's Captured By Aliens,one of the coolest, most entertaining, and most underappreciated books of the past few years. (Remember, don't judge a book by its title.)

Speaking of underrated, an analysis of Michael Mann's 1995 Al Pacino/Robert DeNiro crime epic Heat,one of my favorite films of the 1990s.

Yet another underappreciated artist is singer/songwriter Sam Phillips. No, not the Elvis producer--this Sam is female and writes some of the best melodies and smartest lyrics you'll ever hear. Here's a review of her 2001 album, Fan Dance.