The Larger World...

"Creative intelligence has transformed the world but has rarely ruled it." ~ S. Jonathan Singer

The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, at the forefront of the battle against pseudoscience, superstition, irrationality and just plain stupidity.

The National Security Archive
The real history behind the history you learned in school.

Deep Cold
The Cold War in space.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Home of the famous "Doomsday Clock," the Bulletin offers political commentary and journalism that you won't find in the mainstream magazines.
Relive those halcyon days of duck and cover, civil defense, and the shadow of imminent nuclear annihilation.

The Bureau of Atomic Tourism
Take the Atomic Tour of the United States and elsewhere.

Atomic Veterans History Project
Ever wonder what it would be like to witness a nuclear explosion up close and personal? These men actually did it, and were never the same afterward.

Americans United
Americans United for Separation of Church and State fights the good fight to keep America from becoming a medieval theocracy.

The Secular Web
Find out what life looks like from the nontheistic side for once.

The Smoking Gun
Whether it's the latest celebrity mugshot, corporate lawsuit, or rock star contract rider, the folks at The Smoking Gun somehow manage to get their hands on it all.

How to Fight the Religious Right
Ignoring them doesn't work, and drop-kicking them from behind only encourages them. Find out how to defend your mind and your society from the biblethumpers.

Council for Secular Humanism
Yes, it's the World Headquarters of those godless secular humanists who believe in freedom, tolerance, reason, democracy, evolution, and other heresies.

Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia
Friends of mine, led by the remarkable and courageous Margaret Downey.

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