Replacing a Soleq EVcort Motor Controller

By Tim Wong


This website was created to provide information on replacing the Soleq separately excited motor controller in a Soleq EVcort with a pair of Kelly controllers, one for the armature and one for the field.

A word about Kelly - they were very helpful and I have to say their customer service was way above and beyond anything I have experienced or ever would have expected. Here is their web site:

Steven Li, the US sales representative was very helpful not only in management but also technically - he is very well versed in the Kelly products. He and the Kelly staff answered my nearly 100 emails over the whole project! I would recommend them as a good place to go for a motor controller.

I hope this information can be useful. Please email me with questions, corrections, or new information about the Soleq EVcort. Put "SOLEQ EVCORT CONTROLLER" in the subject so I don't miss it.