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Thank you for inquiring about my Middle Eastern Dance videos. I have several available for sale:

Eva As Dancer Volume I

Excerpts chosen from the dance career of Eva Cernik, 1980-1988 (and its not over yet!)Includes classical Oriental dance, Egyptian and Turkish cabaret styles; Oriental dance with Ghawazee, Turkish, or Tadjik flavor with authentic music; Eastern European Gypsy (Romani) dances; Kuwaiti traditional dance; post-modern dance: air dance, crow dance (original creations); sword dance, fire dance; snake dance.

Most are full-length performances; with live music, taped indoors in TV studios, theaters or cabarets; or outdoors at festivals or parades. (120 minutes)

Eva As Dancer Volume II

Excerpts chosen from the dance career of Eva Cernik, 1989-1991. Eva dancing at Kom Ombo Temple, Egypt; serpentine visions; Arabian Gulf dance; good old-fashioned veil dances; "weird" veil dancing; festival dancing; night-club dances-Turkish style; sword dances; belly-dancing bat; karsilama-solo & group; whirling dervish dances; Ghawazi style cane. Features both live (with audience) and studio performances, most with live music.(120 minutes)


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