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"Belly Dance is more than three thousand years old ..... it has been evolving since the very first woman had her first pangs of birthing."

"We dance to be physically fit! We dance to feel beautiful .....
and to be beautiful! We dance to be healthy! We dance to follow
our spirits ... like the vapors of your breath find their way to the
sea. We dance to know the language of the body .... so you can understand when it whispers to you, answer when your body pleads with you, and laugh when it jokes with you. We dance to clean the slate of a day full of stress, doubts, fears ..... we dance to clean our minds ... and begin anew. We dance to know other cultures, other women .... we dance with each other to know friends. And sometimes we just dance .....




    Instructor: Eva Cernik

    [Basics classes also offered on odd numbered months in Aurora through Colorado Free University on Tuesday evenings. 303-399-0093 or see class #2228 at www.freeu.com]

    Basics of dance and Warm-up: 7 - 8 pm

    Finger Cymbals 8 - 8:15

    Intermediate w/zils: 8:15 - 9:15 pm

    WHEN: June 9 - July 28 (DO NOT SKIP 7/7)
              Mondays, 7 weeks of classes.

    COST: $60. for the whole session. Payable at first or second class (some pro-rating will be allowed in special cases) $10. drop-in fee. No extra cost for participation in finger cymbal class, and intermediates are invited to take the basics class as a warm-up, gratis!

     General info: 303-573-7610

    Location: MERCURY CAFE BALLROOM (22nd Street and California, Denver) please note the cafe is closed on Mondays and we enter in the California street corner entrance. People arriving from Boulder should take the "Park Avenue" exit from I-25 (just South of I-70) follow Park till it becomes 22nd St. (stay in Center lanes to avoid turns). The Merc. will be on your R, just past Stout St). People arriving from the south take Lincoln-Broadway (becomes Lincoln) and take it till you see downtown on your left. When you see arrows veering left into downtown and 18th St, stick to the right lane and make an immediate right on Welton (the street with the train tracks), then a left on 22nd. Go one block to California St.

    Eva's style of teaching:  From the basic level on up, very careful technique and movement break-down is taught. Hearing the music and improving your sense of rhythm. Awareness of various cultural styles from different Middle Eastern countries. Short strings of movement combinations, not long choreographies for weekly classes. Sometimes Eva invites musicians to play for the class. Some parts of classes will focus on learning from the inside-out, or using spiritual or game-playing techniques to draw out the natural dance from within you. Intermediate class should always bring zils (finger cymbals). On rare occasions, class may be taught by a designated qualified substitute teacher.

    Please note:   Intermediate dancers are expected to come in early and warm up on their own in the back of the room, and may participate in the basics class as a warm-up.

    Please note that at no time will we tolerate talkativeness or disruption of the peaceful and dance focused nature of these classes.  Dancers who come early, or stay late, must stay focused on the instruction, or they may sit in the chairs at the sidelines and observe or meditate or stretch.

    The spirit of sharing: Please print this out (on recycled junk-mail) and share it with your unplugged friends. Thanks to all.


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Please direct all inquiries to:

Eva Cernik
Denver, CO U.S.A.

(303) 573-7610


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