Huzzah and Well Met

Wenches of the Featherstone Woods

We are the Wenches of the Featherstone Wood. We are the Bawdiest Wenches of the Highlands



My name is Megan, I am the Grande Dame of the Featherstone Clan. I have been attending Renaissance Faires for more than 10 years. This is the year that I have added new wenches to my clan. I have met several wenches this year and will add their pictures our web sight. Welcome to the Featherstone Woods, come in sit, have some Ale and enjoy the beauty of the Featherstone Wenches.







Ebbie's Picture 'Tis our dear friend Allie She is our favored wench for the Taverns. A favored by the most tall of knight. Allie has brought many gifts of herself and her love to the Featherstone Clan. Her wit puts her far above the rest. Her Irish roots and her beauty will astound you. Sit with Allie have an Ale, and she will beguile you with her beauty.


Trish's Tis Tricia, the young lassie of the Featherstone Clan. She seduces the lords who secretly attend the pub. Her wit is as sharp as a rapier, her grin will knock you off of your saddle. Her desires are above the average Bloke and Rogue, but tends to adore the true Barbarian . Any taker for this little lassie??




'Tis Lou, Lou is a member of the FOP's for Friend of the Pub. Lou has single handedly defended the Beautiful Wenches of the Featherstone Woods. 'Tis a lucky man. Lou is always looking for members of the Fop. If ye be man enough!






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