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AFR Name : Megan Campbell
Home Faire : North Carolina Renaissance Faire
Title(s) : Grande Dame of the Featherstone Clan
Lover of Mead and Men (in that order)
Wench of the Good Ship Lollipop.... Wanna Lick?
Madame Cum Laude IWG# 694
Quote : Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.
My Internet Presence
E-Mail :
Personal : Huzzah and Well Met
Business : Featherstone Wenches
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Ask Me MeganWench MeganoftheWoods

Faires I Attend
Name State / Province City
Florida Renaissance Faire Florida Deerfield
North Carolina Renaissance Faire North Carolina Raleigh
New York Renaissance Faire New York Tuxedo

My Favourite Sites
Name Description
Round Two Costumes Beautiful Corsets & Garb Made By A Fellow Otter
The Celtic Heart Custom Made Celtic Jewelry
Medieval Mayhem Excellent Pewter & Other Jewelry

These Are Some Of The Skills That I'm Willing To Share / Help With
15th Century Court Dancing Street Acting Scottish Dialect
Baking Candy Making Woad Dying
Very (and I mean) Very Simple Sewing    

Personal Description Persona Description
I am married and have a 15 year old daughter. My daughter has just started faireing with me this past year. I have been an active faire participant for 20 years. I have lived in Southern California, Florida and now in North Carolina. Scottish Highland Wench, who marries Sir Edward Featherstone from Northumberland County England. I have a daughter from the stable hand who tends to my husbands stables. My husband dies on our 10th anniversary leaving me the Featherstone Manor, and several pubs in Northumberland County. My daughter Cordelia and I take in lost souls and wayward wenches who we put to work in our pubs. The Featherstone Pubs are known for their beautiful, but bawdy wenches.

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