This page is the top level page at Ed Tharp's "home".

From here we break down the site into two directions, "Family" and personal stuff (like Ren Faire stuff), and Forklift Business stuff. We would like you to note that not all the servers here are up 24/7, and not all the servers or web pages linked from here are under the control of Ed Tharp.

We have set up a few pages that will be up 24/7 on other servers (like geocities and earthlink member pages) and from these pages you can find out if the other servers are up and running at this time. This is the WEB pages for the Featherstone Wenches, and links from there to other Ren Faire stuff. and this is a page that is up 24/7.

Here is the page from which to find out if the home based servers are up if you want to know if we are on line or want to connect with us... I have set up a couple of other domains and pages, just because I can. check out We can arrange "at home" hosting, set up video conferencing, set you up with a high bandwidth hosted solution connection or register your domain name for less than you might believe. contact me at Ed Tharp