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                                                                                                                  Will Hahn

5317 NC Hwy 22 North
    Franklinville, NC 27248-8268

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       Welcome to Eastlake Parson Russell Terriers in existence since 1988 on
        the 1895 farm here in beautiful North Carolina.  Since I retired my life
       with dogs has been all encompassing from breeding, showing, hunting,
       grooming and training the Parsons from birth and on to their place in the
       world whether with me or new families.


        I am passionate about the future health and stability of the breed for
       generations that will come after me.  My dedication is toward leaving the
       breed better for having been part of these huge hearted terriers.  Browse
       the pages and feel free to contact me for more information

       All for the love of the terrier,

       Will Hahn
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