My U.S.A. Floaty Pens Collection

(497 pens as of October 1999)

State, Theme and Description


  1. Montgomery, AL "Old Alabama Town": 5 children jumping rope, playing against Montgomery neighborhood


  1. Alaska: bear chasing fish against Alaskan mountain landscape

  2. Alaska: Eskimo paddling kayak against glaciers

  3. Alaska: moose against Alaskan mountain landscape

  4. Exxon Valdez, Valdez, Alaska, "On the Rocks", March 24, 1989: Exxon Valdez against blackened, rocky coastline

  5. Ketchikan: eagle flying against Eskimo village


  1. Arizona, "Grand Canyon State": roadrunner against river and desert

  2. Biosphere 2, Oracle, Arizona: family against landscape w/ Biosphere 2

  3. Cactus Country, Arizona: three riders on horseback against desert scene

  4. Grand Canyon: donkey riders against Grand Canyon

  5. Grand Canyon: helicopter against Grand Canyon

  6. Grand Canyon: helicopter against Grand Canyon w/ figures in foreground

  7. Grand Canyon: hiker against Grand Canyon [toothbrush]

  8. Grand Canyon: horse and rider against Grand Canyon

  9. Grand Canyon: river rafters against Grand Canyon

  10. Grand Canyon Railway: Grand Canyon Railway pulls into station

  11. Hoover Dam, Arizona -- Nevada: tractor-trailer against Hoover Dam w/ squirrel & big-horned sheep in foreground

  12. The London Bridge, Lake Havasu City, Arizona: tour boat against London Bridge

  13. Painted Desert and Petrified Forest: petrified log against desert and forest (split scene)

  14. "Runnin' in the Sun, Arizona": road runner against desert


  1. Arkansas is Hog Heaven: razorback hog against pigpen and barn


  1. America's Cup Challenge '87: sailboat against regatta and coast

  2. Buena Park, Movieland Wax Museum: "Movieland Wax Museum" sign against various movie star portraits

  3. Buena Park, Movieland Wax Museum: Rolls Royce against night scene of Movieland Wax Museum facade

  4. Buena Park, Movieland Wax Museum: Star Trek Enterprise moves across galaxy

  5. Buena Park, Movieland Wax Museum: Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and Scarecrow against Tin Man and Lion, vertical

  6. Cal State University Northridge: seal of CSUN against campus lawn

  7. California: surfer against breaking wave w/ other surfers

  8. "California Crusin'": surfers wave from Cadillac convertible against beach & palm trees, motorcycle chopper in foreground

  9. California State Railroad Museum: steam train against 19th-century period station

  10. Catalina: dolphin against Casino and sailboats (Italian-made "VA" pen)

  11. Catalina Island: Long Beach King ferry boat against Avalon Harbor and Casino

  12. Catalina Island: Countess ferry boat against Avalon Harbor and Casino

  13. Death Valley National Monument: horse-drawn wagons against mountains [letter knife]

  14. Disneyland: C.K. Holliday steam train and Main Street Station

  15. Disneyland: horse-drawn carriage against Main Street

  16. Disneyland: horse-drawn trolley against Main Street

  17. Disneyland: Mark Twain against fort on Tom Sawyer's Island

  18. Disneyland: Mark Twain against mill and Tom Sawyer's Island

  19. Disneyland: Mickey as sorcerer's apprentice on open book in castle waters

  20. Disneyland: Mickey in Tomorrowland Rocket Jets

  21. Disneyland: PeopleMover against Tomorrowland scene w/ Carousel of Progress building in background

  22. Disneyland: Tinkerbell against castle w/ fireworks, vertical

  23. Disneyland, "35 Years of Magic": biplane w/ banner against castle, fireworks, Mickey et al.

  24. Disneyland, Splash Mountain: Mickey, Donald and Goofy in plume ride, vertical

  25. Disneyland, Splash Mountain: Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, and Brer Bear dropping down plume ride into briar patch, vertical

  26. Disneyland, Toontown: Mickey w/ train against Toontown

  27. Dive!: submarine descending against green sphere to black depths, vertical Dive is Steven Spielberg's submarine-themed restaurant in Century City

  28. Earthquake Detector: seismic activity scale

  29. Edwards A.F.B., California, "Home of the Space Shuttle": shuttle landing against desert background

  30. Fort Bragg - Willits, California Western Railroad: Super Skunk Ole Engine 45 steam locomotive against forest landscape

  31. Fort Bragg - Willits Skunk Train: Super Skunk Ole Engine 45 steam locomotive against tunnel in forest landscape

  32. Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum: Gene Autry on horseback against western landscape

  33. Getty Center: tram against Getty Center atop Brentwood's green hills

  34. Getty Center: tram against Getty Center atop Brentwood's green hills (key chain pen)

  35. Hollywood: Ferrari between palm trees and Hollywood sign

  36. Hollywood: "Hollywood" w/ glitter (no scene)

  37. Hollywood, Los Angeles: biplane towing Hollywood banner against Hollywood sign and hills

  38. Hollywood Bowl: notes on staff against Hollywood Bowl

  39. Hollywood Bowl: notes on staff from conductor to orchestra, against Bowl

  40. Hollywood Bowl: notes on staff from conductor to orchestra, against Bowl (new larger design barrel)

  41. Hollywood Walk of Fame: Oscar statue against stars in pavement, vertical

  42. Knott's Berry Farm: Bigfoot Rapids

  43. Knott's Berry Farm: Brontosaurus against primeval world, vertical

  44. Knott's Berry Farm: parachute sky jump, vertical

  45. Knott's Berry Farm: Pteranodon against primeval world, vertical

  46. Knott's Berry Farm: stagecoach against western town

  47. Knott's Berry Farm, Boomerang: Boomerang roller coaster car against track loop and scenery

  48. La Brea Bakery, Fresh Daily: bread loaf on baker's peel being slid into brick oven

  49. Long Beach, California: 2 sailboats against Queen Mary & Spruce Goose hangar

  50. Long Beach, The Queen Mary, 1971: R.M.S. Queen Mary against Long Beach Harbor

  51. Los Angeles: movie set, western shoot-out

  52. Los Angeles: Pan Am 747 against downtown cityscape w/ palm trees & freeway

  53. Los Angeles: La Brea Tar Pits, saber-toothed tiger w/ vultures

  54. Los Angeles, China Town: dragon parade against cityscape

  55. Los Angeles, Griffith Observatory: moon against twilight sky goes behind observatory in foreground

  56. Los Angeles, Peterson Automotive Museum: 1929 Packard against 1930s street scene

  57. Los Angeles, Peterson Automotive Museum: T-Bird ('57 convertible), Corvette Stingray & Chevy convertible against '50s diner

  58. Los Angeles International Airport: plane against Hostess International Restaurant

  59. Los Angeles Police Academy: patrol car against Academy entrance

  60. O.J. Simpson's "Slow Speed Chase": white Bronco goes under 405 overpass w/ 3 police cars in pursuit

  61. O.J. Simpson's "Verdict #2 is in - February 4, 1997": black Surburban against spoof of L.A. cityscape, news crews in foreground

  62. Malibu, J. Paul Getty Museum: preparitors moving Van Gogh's "Irises" through Villa's inner peristyle

  63. Mammoth Lakes: fish being reeled in by fisherman in lake

  64. Mammoth Mountain: woolly mammoth skiing against Mammoth Mtn. and chalet

  65. Miniature Rock Collection: rock chips floating in water (no scene)

  66. Monterey - Carmel: sea-otter floating across moonlit Monterey Bay

  67. Monterey Bay Aquarium: pink jelly-fish against blue background, vertical

  68. Monterey Bay Aquarium: shark against coral reef

  69. Monterey Pier: whales spouting against Monterey Pier

  70. Monterey, "Save the Dolphins": dolphin against ocean

  71. Morro Bay: Sea otter floating in bay against Morro Rock

  72. Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles: Knifeship II, 1986 by Oldenburg, von Bruggen, Gehry, against museum

  73. Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles: preparers moving Morris Louis painting against museum

  74. Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles/Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, Firetruck, 1993 by Charles Ray: Ray's Firetruck against MOCA and the Whitney

  75. Oakland, California: 747 against cityscape

  76. Oakland, California: BART train against cityscape

  77. Oakland, Lake Merritt: two gaff-rigged sailboats against cityscape

  78. Oakland Zoo in Knowland Park: tiger against jungle scene w/ lions, leopards & tigers in background

  79. Old Mission San Miguel: friars against mission

  80. Olympic Games, Los Angeles - 1932 (1996 commemorative series): athlete w/ laurel garland against L.A. Coliseum facade

  81. Palm Springs: Rolls Royce against downtown Palm Springs

  82. Palm Springs, "PS I [heart] You": golf cart against golf course w/ mountains

  83. Palm Springs, "Running to the Sun": road runner against desert

  84. Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace, Air Force One: Air Force One against Nixon Library and fountain

  85. Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace, Presidential Limousine: limousine against Nixon Library and gardens

  86. Sacramento: train against "Old Sacramento" station

  87. San Diego: killer whale against coast and cityscape

  88. San Diego: sailboats between bathing beauties and cityscape

  89. San Diego, Sea World: Shamu between pelican and dolphin, vertical

  90. San Francisco: cable car against Victorian houses

  91. San Francisco: Lombard Street, cars descending, vertical

  92. San Francisco: sailboat against cityscape and bay view

  93. San Francisco: wind surfers against Golden Gate Bridge

  94. San Francisco Cable Car: cable car against Powell at Market Street, vertical

  95. San Francisco's a Zoo: cable cars w/ zoo animals, against Victorian houses

  96. San Francisco, "Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary Swim Team": shark chases prisoners swimming in bay against Golden Gate Bridge

  97. San Francisco, Alcatraz Island: boat between escaped prisoners and island

  98. San Francisco, Balclutha: Balclutha tall ship (bark) against Golden Gate Bridge

  99. San Francisco, California: cable car against Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay

  100. San Francisco, California Wine Country: balloon against vineyards

  101. San Francisco, Chinatown: dragon against Chinatown

  102. San Francisco, Chinatown: parade w/ dragon

  103. San Francisco, "The City at the End of the Rainbow": transparent rainbow against Golden Gate bridge and bay

  104. San Francisco, Cliff House at Seal Rocks: seals between Cliff House and rocks

  105. San Francisco, Fisherman's Wharf: sailboat in harbor

  106. San Francisco, Flying over Golden Gate Bridge: plane against Golden Gate Bridge

  107. San Francisco, "A foggy day on the bay": transparent fog against Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge

  108. San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge: biplane w/ banner against Golden Gate Bridge

  109. San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge: blond driving Corvette convertible over bridge against cityscape

  110. San Francisco, Mission Dolores - founded 1776: friar and child against mission facade

  111. San Francisco, Oakland Bay Bridge: cruise ship against sunset scene w/ Oakland Bay Bridge

  112. San Francisco, Oakland Bay Bridge: sailboat against Oakland Bay Bridge, sunset

  113. San Francisco, Pier 39: Oski tour boat against pier and harbor w/ sailboats

  114. San Francisco, UnderWater World, Pier 39: shark in underwater scene w/ fish and coral

  115. San Francisco, "Where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars": cable car against evening cityscape w/ Transamerica building, vertical

  116. San Francisco Cable Car, Powell at Market Street: cable car descends down Market street, vertical

  117. San Jose, California: trolly against cityscape

  118. San Jose, Winchester Mystery House: horse-drawn carriage against Winchester Mystery House

  119. San Jose, Winchester Mystery House: night scene w/ ghosts flying against full moon & Mystery House

  120. San Luis Obispo, "We love the SLO life": SLO trolley against cityscape

  121. San Luis Obispo, Madonna Inn: cupid carrying torch and wreath against Madonna Inn (vertical)

  122. San Pedro, Los Angeles Maritime Museum: Titanic against ice berg and seascape at night

  123. San Pedro, Los Angeles Maritime Museum, "RMS Titanic": Titanic against iceberg and seascape, daytime scene

  124. San Pedro, Los Angeles Maritime Museum, "Ferryboat Islander": Islander ferryboat against Maritime Museum and Vincent St. Thomas Bridge

  125. San Pedro, Ports O'Call Village: Buccaneer Queen against harbor and Vincent St. Thomas Bridge

  126. San Simeon, Hearst Castle: zebra against outdoor pool and castle

  127. Santa Anita Park: horses racing at Santa Anita against San Gabriel Mountains & palm trees in background

  128. Santa Barbara, Ganna Walska Lotusland: lotus flower against Lotusland tropical garden

  129. Santa Barbara, Old Mission: two friars against Mission Santa Barbara

  130. Santa Cruz: surfer against large wave

  131. Santa's Village, Sky Forest, California: Santa in reindeer-drawn sleigh against Santa's Village scene

  132. Sequoia National Park: bears against redwood trees

  133. Sequoia, "Drive Thru Tree": car driving through redwood tree

  134. Simi Valley, California, Ronald Reagan Library: Ronald Regan walking among trees in front of Simi Valley house

  135. Solvang, Carlsberg Beer Band Wagon: horse-drawn wagon against cityscape

  136. Solvang, Danish Capital of America: Kobenhavn Square trolley against city view

  137. Sonora High School Aquatics, Diving, Swimming, Waterpolo: waterpolo player makes shot on goal w/ swimming and diving in background

  138. Southern California: surfer against beach w/ bathers

  139. Southern California: tourists in VW convertible against 3 scenes with Six Flags, Disneyland & Universal Studios; LAX and Hollywood Hills in foreground

  140. Southern California: two windsurfers against beach coastline

  141. Southern California, "World's Biggest Parking Lot": cars on freeway against palm trees

  142. Stanford University: cyclist against campus

  143. Tiburon: boat against bridge

  144. UCLA: Bruin Bear and Janss Steps

  145. Universal Studios, Hollywood: E.T. and Eliot on bicycle silhouetted against moon and night sky

  146. Universal Studios, Jurassic Park: Tyrannosaurus Rex attacks land rover in forest

  147. University of California Irvine: anteater mascot against palm trees and beach w/ group of anteaters

  148. Yosemite National Park: Bald eagle flying against mountains


  1. Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad: Durango steamtrain pulls into depot against mountain landscape

  2. Pueblo Zoo: King Penguins against Pueblo landscape


  1. Connecticut: clipper ship against seaport village scene

  2. Greenwich Country Day School, "GCDS Annual Fund 1995-1996": books and apple against faces of children and cat

  3. Mystic Seaport, Connecticut: ferry boat against Mystic Seaport village

District of Columbia (Washington D.C.)

  1. "Inaugural Walk" Washington D.C., January 20, 1977 Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter against Capital building, US flags and crowd

  2. "Running the USA, 42nd President - Bill Clinton": Bill Clinton w/ Secret Service agents running against the mall in D.C.

  3. Jefferson Memorial: sailboat against Memorial

  4. Kennedy Center: sailboat against Kennedy Center

  5. Library of Congress: inkwell and quill against books

  6. Library of Congress: open book against facade of the Library of Congress, tourists and flowering tree in foreground

  7. Lincoln Memorial: horse-drawn carriage against Memorial

  8. National Air and Space Museum: "Star Trek" USS Enterprise against Earth and Saturn

  9. National Air and Space Museum: ballooners against clouds, vertical

  10. National Air and Space Museum: F-117A Stealth Fighter against 3 other fighters flying over farm land, clouds in foreground

  11. Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History: wood-burning locomotive against forest w/ bystanders as it leaves station

  12. Smithsonian National Museum of History and Technology: wood-burning locomotive against mountains

  13. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: African Bush Elephant against African landscape

  14. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: Giant Pandas in trees

  15. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: Tyrannosaurus Rex in primeval setting w/ Dimetrodon and Brachiosaurus

  16. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Minature Rock Collection: miniature rocks, no scene

  17. Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington D.C.: family against memorial wall w/ Washington Monument in background

  18. Washington D.C.: airplane between the Capital and Washington Monument at night

  19. Washington D.C.: helicopter against the Washington Monument, vertical

  20. Washington D.C.: limousine against repetitive scene of the Capital building (pen made in China)

  21. Washington D.C. Aquarium, "Manatee, The Vanishing Floridian": manatees underwater

  22. Washington D.C. Aquarium, "Octopus": octopus against sea bottom

  23. Washington D.C. Aquarium, "Sharks!": shark in underwater scene

  24. Washington D.C. Aquarium, "Whales, Giants of the Deep": killer whales against marine scene

  25. Washington D.C. The Nation's Capital: family against four scenes of Lincoln Memorial, Capital, Washington Monument, and Jefferson Memorial

  26. The White House: changing of the guards against White House front lawn

  27. The White House: President waves arm out car window against flag-waving bystanders


  1. Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay: Egypt roller coaster ride w/ 3 rows of suspended riders

  2. Disney MGM Studios: Minnie and Mickey against Hollywood and Vine set

  3. Disney MGM Studios, Orlando: Mickey, Donald and Goofy in tram cars against roof-tops

  4. Disney MGM Studios, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster: Mickey in front seat of coaster, vertical

  5. Disney's Animal Kingdom: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy & Donald in safari bus against jungle scene w/ lion & gorilla

  6. Disney's Animal Kingdom: Pooh at the helm of the Hasty Hippo riverboat w/ Tigger, Eeyore, & Piglet on board against hippos and elephants in jungle scene

  7. Disney's Animal Kingdom, Countdown to Extinction: Mickey descends on broken rope against jungle towards open-mouthed dinosaur, vertical

  8. Florida: aligator against everglades

  9. Florida: alligator against swamp

  10. Florida: biplane w/ banner against beach

  11. Florida: plane against beach cityscape

  12. Florida: sailboat between beach and bathing beauty

  13. Florida Beach Club: bathing beauties against swimming pool

  14. Florida Citrus: truck full of oranges against orange grove

  15. "Florida's Great!": red parrot descending against blue & yellow parrot and tropical flora, vertical

  16. Kennedy Space Center: astronaut in space against Earth, vertical

  17. Kennedy Space Center: Saturn 5 rocket lifting off, vertical

  18. Kennedy Space Center: sunset shuttle launch, vertical

  19. Key West Lighthouse: shrimp boat against Key West Lighthouse & scenery w/ pelican in foreground

  20. NASA, Kennedy Space Center: shuttle landing

  21. Orlando, Gatorland: alligator leaping up to grab chicken, vertical

  22. Orlando, The Peabody Hotel: ducks against fountain and hotel

  23. Universal Studios, Florida, "Back to the Future": flaming jet car goes into dinosaur's jaws

  24. Universal Studios, Florida, Curious George: Curious George and Sombrero against floral landscape

  25. Universal Studios, Florida, Curious George: Curious George floating w/ cluster of balloons against floral landscape, vertical

  26. Universal Studios, Florida, Curious George: fish against Curious George leaning off pier trying to catch fish

  27. Universal Studios, Florida, "Land Before Time": Littlefoot the baby Brontosaurus against other baby dinosaurs in landscape

  28. Universal Studios, Florida, Woody Woodpecker: Woody Woodpecker diving through stylized underwater scene

  29. Wakulla Springs State Park: Wakulla Springs tour boat against Wakulla River and forest

  30. Walt Disney World: Mickey as sorcerer's apprentice on open book in castle waters

  31. Walt Disney World: Mickey icons against grey stylized background, vertical

  32. Walt Disney World: Mickey in foreground w/ glitter & new multi-colored square icons of 4 WDW attraction areas in background

  33. Walt Disney World: Mickey walks down path from Cinderella's Castle, vertical

  34. Walt Disney World: Tinkerbell against castle w/ fireworks, vertical

  35. Walt Disney World, Alien Encounter: alien breaking through glass, vertical

  36. Walt Disney World, 20 Magical Years: Donald playing horn against sunset landscape, Mickey and Minnie w/ "20" drum in forground

  37. Walt Disney World, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror: elevator w/ terrorized passengers descends Hollywood Tower Hotel, vertical

  38. Wildhorse Saloon (Pleasure Island, Walt Disney World), "Got My Kicks at Wildhorse Saloon": 6 horses in western attire dance against dark background w/ stars


  1. Athens, Georgia, Site of the 1996 Olympic Soccer: soccer players playing in stadium

  2. Atlanta: peaches driving convertible T-Bird against cityscape

  3. Atlanta: plane against airport

  4. Atlanta: plane against cityscape at night

  5. Atlanta, 100 Years, XXVI Olympiad: US and "Atlanta 1996" crossed flags against gold laurel leaves and "100"

  6. Atlanta 1996 Olympic Torch Relay Coca Cola series: torch being lit and carried by runner against abstract blue and green background

  7. Atlanta 1996 Olympic Torch Relay Coca Cola series: torch cyclist against cheering crowd and mountain greenery

  8. Atlanta 1996 Olympic Torch Relay Coca Cola series: torch runner against cheering crowds and Atlanta cityscape

  9. Atlanta 1996 Olympic Torch Relay Coca Cola series: torch runner against map of USA w/ dates of run from L.A. to Atlanta

  10. Atlanta 1996 Olympics: basketball player makes jump shot, vertical

  11. Atlanta 1996 Olympics: boxer against boxing ring

  12. Atlanta 1996 Olympics: high jumper going over bar

  13. Atlanta 1996 Olympics: Izzy carrying torch against burning Olympic torch, vertical

  14. Atlanta 1996 Olympics: Izzy dribbling basketball down court full of players

  15. Atlanta 1996 Olympics: Izzy in sailboat against yachting regatta

  16. Atlanta 1996 Olympics: swimmer doing freestyle down pool against other swimmers

  17. Atlanta 1996 Olympics: two runners against track and field stadium

  18. Atlanta 1996 Olympics, Warner Brothers series: Bugs Bunny as baseball player w/ extending arm, vertical

  19. Atlanta 1996 Olympics, Warner Brothers series: Bugs Bunny silhouette (non-moving) holding torch, gold glitter floating, vertical

  20. Atlanta 1996 Olympics, Warner Brothers series: Daffy Duck as marathon runner against Parthenon

  21. Atlanta 1996 Olympics, Warner Brothers series: Daffy Duck swimming

  22. Atlanta 1996 Olympics, Warner Brothers series: Foghorn Leghorn and Henery Hawk playing basketball, vertical

  23. Atlanta 1996 Olympics, Warner Brothers series: Michigan J. frog as team trainer w/ extending arm, vertical

  24. Atlanta 1996 Olympics, Warner Brothers series: Tasmanian Devil in power lift w/ extending arm, vertical

  25. Atlanta, Celebrating 100 Years, 1996 Olympic Games: hurdlers against track and field stadium

  26. Atlanta, Celebrating 100 Years, 1996 Olympic Games: Izzy diving from springboard into pool, vertical

  27. Atlanta, Celebrating 100 Years, 1996 Olympic Games: rhythmic gymnastics exhibition


  1. ABC Stores, Hawaii: ABC Stores logo against map of Hawaiian Islands

  2. ABC Stores, Hawaii: man and woman shoppers against facade of ABC store

  3. "Aloha, Hawaii": school of black and white triggerfish in underwater scene

  4. "Aloha, Hawaii": sperm whale against harbor scene

  5. "Aloha from Hawaii": 4 hula dancers against beach scene

  6. "Aloha from Hawaii": outrigger boat against ocean w/ palm trees and smiling sun

  7. "Aloha from Hawaii": outrigger boat against ocean w/ sun wearing sunglasses

  8. "Aloha... from Hawaii": 3 hula girls against Diamond Head coastline; 3 in foreground

  9. "Aloha from Kauai": surfer in large waves

  10. "Aloha from Maui": 4 hula dancers against beach scene

  11. "Aloha from Maui": hula dancers against Maui coastline

  12. "Aloha from the Sugar Cane Train, Maui, Hawaii": Sugar Cane Train against rainbow and mountain landscape

  13. Diamond Head: catamaran against Diamond Head at sunset

  14. Pearl Harbor: U.S.S. Arizona Memorial w/ sight-seeing boat

  15. Volcano House, Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii: family against front of Volcano House

  16. "Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, World's Most Famous": 3 women in bathing suits against Diamond Head and beach scene


  1. Idaho Center for the Book, "Fabulous Floating Pens": butterflies against flowers and tree branches


  1. Chicago: horse and rider against fountain and cityscape

  2. Chicago: sailboats against cityscape at sunset

  3. Chicago, John Hancock Center: helicopter against building, vertical

  4. Chicago, John Hancock Center: helicopter against building, vertical (larger monument)

  5. Chicago, My Kind of Town: boat in river against cityscape

  6. Chicago, O'Hare International Airport: DC-10 against cityscape

  7. Chicago, O'Hare International Airport: Pan Am 747 against cityscape

  8. Chicago, Sears Tower: helicopter against Sears Tower, vertical

  9. Chicago, Sears Tower: helicopter against Sears Tower, vertical (larger trees)

  10. Chicago, Take the El Train: El train in station

  11. Chicago, The Windy City: businessman w/ umbrella and papers blowing across cityscape

  12. TV Land, "Take Me to TV Land Chicago": television w/ "Nick at Night's T.V. Land" on screen against Chicago harbor and skyline

  13. University of Chicago Press, The Chicago Manual of Style: insertable "u" against phrase, "Go b[u]y the Book"


  1. Indianapolis Children's Museum: Reuben Wells locomotive pushes a carload of pigs, cows and sheep against mountain scenery


  1. West Branch, Iowa, Herbert Hoover Library: school of fish against Herbert Hoover fishing mid-stream


  1. Kansas City: steamboat against city scape


  1. Bowling Green, KY, National Corvette Museum: red Corvette Stingray convertible against museum, modern Corvette in foreground

  2. Kentucky Blue Grass Country: horses against corral and farm

  3. Lexington, KY, American Saddle Horse Museum, Kentucky Horse Park: Saddle Horse trotting against mare and foal in pasture


  1. New Orleans: Natchez paddlewheel against cityscape

  2. New Orleans: New Orleans jazz band against cityscape

  3. New Orleans: streetcar against Super Dome and mansion

  4. New Orleans: trolley car against mansions

  5. New Orleans, World Exposition, 1984: pelican flying against expo scenes


  1. Maine: lobster against Maine coastline

  2. Maine: lobster and cage underwater


  1. Baltimore, Six Flags Power Plant: CP3O and R2D2 against stage scene w/ band members

  2. Chesapeake Bay Bridge - Tunnel: seagull against bay and bridge


  1. Boston, Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market: horse-drawn cart w/ fruit against marketplace

  2. Boston, Mass., Museum of Science, "Welcome to the Universe": Shuttle in orbit against the Earth w/ moon and Mir in foreground

  3. Boston, "Midnight Ride of Paul Revere": Paul Revere against night cityscape and bridge (2 diff. versions)

  4. Boston, New England Acquarium: tree frog floating on log against tropical background with monkeys & flamingo, iguana in foreground

  5. Boston, "USS Constitution": USS Constitution against lighthouse

  6. Boston Old Town Trolley: trolley against downtown Boston

  7. Boston Tea Party Ship, Dec. 16, 1773: crates of tea falling overboard, vertical

  8. Martha's Vineyard: ferry against shoreline w/ lighthouse and sailboats

  9. Martha's Vineyard: ferry against townscape w/ lighthouse

  10. Massachusetts: lobster and cage underwater

  11. Nantucket: whale against Nantucket harbor

  12. Salem, Mass., 1692-1992: witch riding broom against Salem sunset scene

  13. Salem, Mass., "The Voyage of the India Star": India Star sails in Salem Harbor

  14. Salem Witch Museum, 1692: witch riding broom against Witch Museum


  1. Dearborn, Michigan, Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village: red Model T against church and town

  2. Detroit Motor City: ferry against cityscape

  3. Kalamazoo Air Field, B-24 Bomber: B-25 bomber in cloudy sky against other B-24's
  4. Land O'Lakes, Inc.: cow against farm scene

  5. Mackinac Bridge, Michigan: sailboats against Mackinac Bridge w/ "Big Mac" banner in foreground

  6. Mackinac Island, Michigan: Grand Hotel banner w/ horse-drawn carriage & against hotel facade

  7. Mackinac Island, Miniature Rock Collection: rock chips floating in water (no scene)


  1. Minnesota - The Lady Slipper, State Flower; The Loon, State Bird: two loons in lake against forest

  2. Minnesota, "Land of 10,000 Lakes": Loons swimming against lakes

  3. Minnesota, "Land of 10,000 Lakes": two people in canoe paddling against forest and moose


  1. Branson Belle Showboat: Branson Belle steamboat in river landscape

  2. Missouri, "Show Me": donkey in balloon w/ clouds, vertical

  3. St. Joseph, Pony Express National Memorial: Pony Express rider against cityscape and coast

  4. Saint Louis: paddle boat in river w/ arch

  5. Saint Louis: TWA 747 over airport and arch

  6. St. Louis, Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum: Egyptian bowling against desert landscape w/ pyramid in background, ancient bowling pins in left foreground


  1. Nebraska: biplane towing "I [heart] Nebraska" banner against farm

  2. Nebraska, "It's a Pig Pen!!": cartoonish pink pigs against farm scene

  3. North Platte, Fort Cody Trading Post, Annie Oakley: Annie Oakley loses her skirt, vertical reveal pen

  4. North Platte, Fort Cody Trading Post, Buffalo Bill: Buffalo Bill loses his pants, vertical reveal pen


  1. Las Vegas: blackjack against craps table

  2. Las Vegas: coins falling from slot machine to delighted girl

  3. Las Vegas: showgirls against stage

  4. Las Vegas: slot machine against view down Fremont Street

  5. Las Vegas, Excalibur Hotel: jousting tournament against court interior

  6. Las Vegas, Excalibur Hotel/Casino: jousters against exterior of hotel

  7. Las Vegas, "Fabulous Las Vegas": pair of dice against stylized cityscape

  8. Las Vegas, Flamingo Hilton Hotel: flamingos against tropical river setting

  9. Las Vegas, Golden Nugget: pair of die against abstract montage of roulette wheel, cards, poker chips and slot machine

  10. Las Vegas, Hard Rock Hotel, "All I Need is a Miracle": pair of die against a crap table

  11. Las Vegas, Hard Rock Hotel, "Vegas for a New Generation": Surburban truck against night scene of the strip

  12. Las Vegas, Hard Rock Hotel, "You Got Lucky": 4 aces against Hard Rock Hotel logo

  13. Las Vegas, Liberace Museum: pair of hands against piano keyboard

  14. Las Vegas, Luxor Hotel: Egyptians in boat against pyramids

  15. Las Vegas, MGM Grand Hotel: Betty Boop in background playing with beach ball, vertical

  16. Las Vegas, MGM Grand Hotel: Popeye dives into jaws of shark, vertical

  17. Las Vegas, Mirage Hotel: dolphins against acquarium

  18. Las Vegas, New York New York Hotel and Casino: King Kong descends Empire State Building, vertical

  19. Las Vegas, Stratosphere: Stratosphere ride, vertical

  20. Las Vegas, Treasure Island at the Mirage Hotel: ship against Treasure Island village scene

  21. Las Vegas, World of Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola delivery truck against Las Vegas strip; World of Coca-Cola building in foreground

  22. Ponderosa Ranch, Incline Village: covered wagon against Ponderosa Ranch

  23. Prima, Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino, "The Desperado - World's Tallest and Fastest Rollercoaster": Desperado train against night view of coaster track and Buffalo Bill Resort

  24. Prima, Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino, "Turbo Drop": Turbo Drop ride against desert scene, vertical

New Jersey

  1. Cape May-Lewes Ferry: ferry against sunset and seagull

New Mexico

  1. Albuquerque, New Mexico: hot air balloon against balloons and rainbow background, children in foreground, vertical

  2. Carlsbad Caverns - "Crawl 'til you bawl": two people in miner's hats crawl through caverns

  3. Carlsbad Caverns - "I'm 'Bats' about Bats": two bats fly through caverns

  4. Carlsbad Caverns National Park: Hall of Giants, Temple of the Sun, and Rock of Ages formations

  5. Land of Enchantment, New Mexico: horse-drawn stagecoach against desert

  6. New Mexico: Indians against pueblo scene

  7. New Mexico: roadrunner against desert landscape

  8. White Sands National Monument, New Mexico: Lesser Earless Lizard (Holbrookia maculata ruthvenl) in desert landscape with moving white sand

New York

  1. The Brooklyn Museum of Art, "Monet and the Mediterranean": Monet's painting of a gondalier w/ St. Mark's, Venice in background

  2. Hayden Planetarium, American Museum of Natural History, New York: Space shuttle in outerspace, against planet Saturn

  3. Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum: A-4 jet landing on deck of the U.S.S. aircraft carrier Intrepid against cityscape

  4. Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum: U.S.S. Growler submarine against deep underwater scene

  5. Rockefeller Center: pair of skaters against Rockefeller Center ice rink w/ bystanders in foreground

  6. New York: Circle Line tour boat in harbor

  7. New York: paddleboat in Hudson River

  8. New York: taxi against city-sacpe

  9. New York Ellis Island: ship against immigration building

  10. New York, Empire State Building: King Kong climbing up Empire State Building

  11. New York, "Underground Art Tour": subway car w/ policeman, graffiti and passengers

  12. New York City: Queen Elizabeth II ocean liner against New York Harbor skyline and Statue of Liberty (mechanical pencil)

  13. New York City: vendor pushes hot dog cart against New York street scene

  14. New York City, World Trade Center, "World's Highest Observation Deck": helicopter descends through clouds against World Trade Center, vertical

  15. New York Niagara Falls: the Sea Mist tour boat against Niagara Falls

  16. New York Old Fort Niagara: red coats against Old Fort Niagara

  17. New York's 1964-65 World Fair: girl and boy w/ balloons against fair [key chain]

  18. New York's 1964-65 World Fair: girl and boy w/ balloons against fair [letter knife]

  19. New York's Brooklyn Bridge Built 1883: apple-laden tugboat passes beneath bridge w/ Manahattan in background

  20. Statue of Liberty: American flag against Statue of Liberty in background, vertical

North Carolina

  1. North Carolina: red cardinal flies against southern mansion and dogwood blossoms

    North Carolina, "The Tar Heel State": set of 4 tar-heeled footprints against map of North Carolina


  1. Cincinnati, Miata Car Club, "I [heart] [curvy road sign]": red Miata on highway against yellow and white Miatas w/ fall foliage in background

  2. Wapakoneta, Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum: Neil carrying the U.S. flag across the lunar landscape

  3. Wright-Patterson AFB, B-29 Superfortress: Enola Gay in clouds w/ other B-29's

  4. Wright-Patterson AFB, B-52 Stratofortress: B-52 in clouds w/ other B-52's

  5. Wright-Patterson AFB, F-14 Tomcat: F-14 Tomcat landing on Kitty Hawk

  6. Wright-Patterson AFB, P-40 Warhawk: P-40 Warhawks against clouds in dogfight

  7. Wright-Patterson AFB, P-51 Mustang: P-51 Mustang against clouds in dogfight

  8. Wright-Patterson AFB, SR-71 Blackbird: SR-71 Blackbird against helmeted pilots and 2 other SR-71's

  9. Wright-Patterson AFB, Wright Flyer - [Dec. 17] 1903, First Powered Flight: Wright Flyer against Kitty Hawk N.C. dunes w/ silloutted figures


  1. El Reno, Cherokee Trading Post: buffalo against teepee and trading post

  2. Ridin' the Range Oklahoma Style: cowboy in pink Cadillac against oil fields and stylized cows

  3. Oklahoma City, National Cowboy Hall of Fame: cowboy roping calf against prarie, cowboy and bull in foreground


  1. Ashland, Oregon Shakespearean Festival: Shakespearean actors against stage set

  2. Oregon, "Beautiful Oregon": fisherman in canoe against Mt. Hood

  3. Oregon, "I [heart] Oregon": logging truck against mountains

  4. Oregon, "Wonders of Oregon": Bambi-like deer chasing a butterfly against forest

  5. Portland Art Museum: Egyptian barge against Sphinx and pyramids in desert scene


  1. Amish Country: horse-drawn carriage against farm landscape

  2. Battle of Gettysburg, 1863: Confederate soldiers against battleground

  3. Gettysburg, PA, The Civil War: Union soldiers against battlefield, Confederate and Union soldier in foreground

  4. Gettysburg, PA, Pickett's Charge: Confederate soldiers charge Union solders against battlefield

  5. Hershey, PA, Hershey Park "Kissing Tower": Hershey's Kissing Tower w/ movable viewing deck, vertical

  6. Hershey's Chocolate World: visitors riding through tour of chocolate factory interior

  7. Lancaste, PA, Red Caboose Motel, "Sleep in a Caboose": steam train pulls away from stationary red caboose against motel

  8. Philadelphia Museum of Art: griffin sculpture against pediment w/ Greek figures

  9. Scranton, Hilton at Lackawanna Station: train against Hilton Hotel

  10. Strasburg, The Amish Village: Amish horse-drawn carriage against farm

Puerto Rico

  1. Puerto Rico: El Coqui (the treefrog) against map of Puerto Rico

South Dakota

  1. Mitchell, World's only Corn Palace: pheasant against Corn Palace

  2. South Dakota: buffalo against Mount Rushmore


  1. Casey Jones Home, Railroad Museum, Jackson Tennessee: steam engine pulling coal car against Jones home and museum

  2. Chattanooga Choo-Choo: Chattanooga steam engine and coal car against train station

  3. Dollywood: butterfly against garden scene

  4. "Driving the Enterprise": Baan race car against abstract design (key chain pen)

  5. Graceland: Elvis Presley w/ guitar against Graceland

  6. Graceland, "Elvis Presley, King of Rock and Roll": Elvis w/ guitar, dancing against crowd

  7. Graceland, "Loving You": Elvis Presley's head and shoulders against Graceland

  8. Graceland, "Loving You": Elvis Presley's head w/ microphone against Graceland

  9. Jackson, Casey Jones Home, Railroad Museum: steam train w/ coal car against Casey Jones' home

  10. Memphis, Tennessee: paddlewheel against cityscape

  11. Memphis, Tennesse, The Peabody: ducks walking across hotel lobby to fountain

  12. Nashville, Grand Ole Opry, WSM 650: three singers against Grand Old Opry

  13. Nashville, "Home of the Grand Ole Opry": 2 female dancers against Opry stage w/ audience in foreground

  14. Nashville, The Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson: horse-drawn carriage against The Hermitage

  15. Nashville, Opryland: plume ride against waterfall

  16. Nashville, The Parthenon, Centennial Park: geese against Parthenon and pine trees

  17. Nashville, Tennessee: paddleboat against Nashville sunset skyline


  1. Austin: oil gusher against workers and oil field, vertical

  2. Austin, Texas, Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum: limousine against library and museum

  3. Houston: airplane against cityscape at dusk

  4. Houston, Johnson Space Center: Space shuttle launch

  5. Houston Astrodome: biplane towing banner w/ "Houston" flying against exterior view of Astrodome, clouds in foreground

  6. Houston Astrodome, the Original: baseball gliding towards hitter and catcher against stadium interior, first baseman and player on first base in foreground

  7. Houston Space Center: shuttle landing against blue skies & clouds

  8. Houston Space Center: shuttle launch against gantry & blue skies w/ clouds, vertical

  9. "McAllen, All-American City, The CrossPort For International Trade": flags of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico against text, "McAllen Economic Development Corporation & Foreign Trade Zone"

  10. Ridin' the Range Texas Style: Texan in pink Cadillac against oil fields

  11. San Antonio, Texas (Rivercenter IMAX Theater): horseman against the Alamo

  12. San Antonio, The Alamo: Davy Crockett [?] on horseback w/ Mexican soldiers

  13. Texas: armadillos against desert

  14. Texas: cowboy in hot-air balloon, vertical

  15. Texas: cowboy on horse against cattle herd

  16. Texas: oil gusher against workers and oil field, vertical

  17. Texas: Texas longhorn in pasture against cowboy and herd

  18. Texas the Lone Star State: hat-waving cowboy on horse against oil rigs and landscape

  19. Texas State Railroad: Baldwin locamotive Engine No. 300 against Rusk station

  20. Waco, Texas Ranger Hall of Fame & Museum: Texas Ranger against Hall of Fame building, two other rangers and gun wagon in foreground


  1. Natural Bridges National Monument: station wagon against natural bridges

  2. Utah: Boeing 777 against snow-topped mountains


  1. Ben & Jerry's, Vermont's Finest Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt: four scoops of ice cream descend into a hand-held sugar cone, vertical

  2. Bennington Museum, 1925 Wasp: 1925 Wasp car against museum

  3. Vermont: deer against forest

Virgin Islands

  1. St. Thomas, Escape to Paradise: Holiday cruise ship against St. Thomas harbor


  1. Blue Ridge Parkway: bear w/ cubs against winter landscape

  2. Chincoteague, Virginia, Pony Swim: pony against Chincoteague crossing w/ forest scenery

  3. Luray Caverns: people on tour through caverns

  4. Monticello, Charlottesville, Home of Thomas Jefferson: horse-drawn carriage against Monticello

  5. Monticello, Charlottesville, Home of Thomas Jefferson: Jefferson's grandchildren on the front lawn(scene from a watercolor by Jane Bradick, 1825)


  1. Mount Ranier National Park: black bear against Mount Rainier and campers roasting marshmallows around campfire

  2. Mt. St. Helens volcano: volcanic steam eruption, vertical

  3. Olympic National Park: deer against Hurricane Ridge landscape

  4. San Juan Islands, Washington, Friday Harbor: killer whale against coastal landscape w/ lighthouse

  5. Seattle: cruise boat against harbor [letter knife]

  6. Seattle: ferry against harbor and fishing boat

  7. Seattle: monorail against Mount Ranier and Space Needle

  8. Seattle, Ruby Montana's, Spam Carving Contest: Ruby Montana riding a rat while chasing a can of Spam

  9. Seattle: Space Needle, vertical

  10. Seattle: Space Needle, vertical [key chain]

  11. Seattle, Space Needle - Monorail: monorail against cityscape and Mount Rainier

  12. Seattle: Waterfront trolley at piers 54 and 55

  13. Seattle, Pike Place Market: fish and fruit against farmers market

  14. Seattle, Pike Place Market: fish and fruit against farmers market [key chain]

  15. Seattle, "Ye Olde Curiosity Shop - Sylvester the Desert Mummy": horizontal figure of Sylvester the Mummy against desert scene

  16. Seattle Aquarium: octopus in underwater scene

  17. Seattle Aquarium: sea otter and fishes in aquarium w/ boy watching

  18. Seattle Aquarium: shark against tropical aquarium

  19. Snoqualmie Falls: waterfall, vertical

  20. Snoqualmie Falls, Washington: train crosses bridge against Snoqualmie Falls

  21. Washington: deer and eagle against Mount Rainier [key chain]

  22. Washington: flatbed truck w/ giant apple against Mount Rainier

  23. Washington: logging truck against Mount Rainier

  24. Washington, the Evergreen State: flatbed truck w/ giant apple against Mount Rainier [key chain]


  1. Wisconsin: two mice move towards cheese wedge in green landscape
Washington D.C., see "District of Columbia"

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