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SENSATIONS OF TONE on Intakt Records

on hatOLOGY Recordings

SOLO Live at Snugs / 61 Local
on hatOLOGY Recordings

Here’s some video from a concert at the “Rhythm in the Kitchen Festival, here in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

Drummer Gerry Hemingway and I have released "Inbetween Spaces" on Gerry's Auricle Music label. Here's a live video of Gerry and I performing at the 2008 Hell's Kitchen Festival.

Here's a video of drummer Bobby Previte's band featuring Bill Ware on vibraphone and Brad Jones on bass from the NYC Winter Jazz Festival 2010.


Bobbie Lee & Rodd Keith, my musician parents.

See concert listings for The Left Bank Jazz Society of Baltimore (my hometown) from 1964 to 1967.

Sounds and Stories - The Musical Life of Maryland's African-American Communities. This site is a collection of interviews with musicians and people associated with the Baltimore music scene in the early days. I recommend starting with the Henry Baker and Reppard Stone interview. Henry ran a club called "The Closet" that I played at for years when I was living in Baltimore. I met a lot of great musicians there. Bob Berg and Tom Harrell, Gary Bartz, Clifford Jordan. I even got to sit in with Woody Shaw. Henry has stories that go back to his days hanging with Lester Young and Charlie Parker. There's also an interview with Ruth Binsky. Her husband Mike ran a club called "The Bandstand", another place I played at. I once sat in with Pepper Adams and Philly Joe Jones there when I was about 19.

On February 11, 2003 PBS aired "OFF THE CHARTS: The Song-Poem Story" on the series "INDEPENDENT LENS". The film explored the "send us your lyrics" music industry and profiled my father Rodd Keith as well as some of the song-poets themselves. I was in there too, being interviewed. You can view the documentary on Netflix.