Bobbie Lee at the Hammond Organ

These photos were taken some time in the early '60s. Bobbie Lee (Lee being her middle name) played regularly at many clubs in town, particularly on Baltimore's west side along Route 40 (such as the Westview Lounge, The Howard Place and Howard Johnson's). I wrote a tune called "40 West" with that local in mind. She played six nights a week for many years moving from one club directly to another, each stint lasting anywhere from two weeks to two months and in one case lasting two years. It was the tail end of that type of club scene, before the Beatles really hit and rock took over the scene in earnest.

The band on the left features "Skeeter" Theodore Corona on clarinet and saxophone and Jimmy Huggins on the drums.

The band on the right featured Tony Darr on trumpet (who's brother, saxophonist Rudy Darr took me on some of my first ever paying gigs at age 15 or so, often splitting his nightly paycheck with me just so I could get some experience). Nick Serio is on the drums