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Chicago Reborn:
Photos from November 13th, 2004

Here we have a handful of photos from Session Thirty-Two, named Like A Flower, Like A Flame, which took place on November 13th, 2004. You might need to read the History of the Game for that session to understand some of these photos, but hopefully, it won't be necessary.

Oh, and for the record, I took the photos in this gallery, so if you don't like them, feel free to complain to me!

Starting things off, here's Ed, the Gangrel Primogen (played by Katie Cavell), posing and looking all gothy and "Death" inspired, while other Kindred relax in the background, not knowing what's in store for the people who accompany Ed this evening....

'Ed likes how Ed looks like this!'

Here's a nice pose from Father Rambaldi (played by Nathan Niemi), caught just right in the doorway, perfectly outlined....

Uh, you need something, Eric?

As mentioned in the History, a good dealing of conflict between Ed, some of her associates, and some Umbral creatures took place in a warehouse. Here we see the players in the middle of taking care of that. From left to right, there's Keith Perkins, Matt Collier the Storyteller, Ben Dickenson, Joshua Wong, Katie Cavell, Darren Player and Chris Clein.

We're just taking a break from the madness, that's all!

Of course, not everything in the warehouse went swimmingly; a little time after the events there, Johnny Eaglefeather (Darren Player), Lucius Darkholm (Josh Wong) and Lucian (Chris Clein) were seen like this...

No!  Not him!

Even while madness is happening all around, people can still take a break and relax. Here's the Nosferatu Primogen, Ivan Yanovitch (played by Richard Levitski) and Michael McIver of the Tremere (played by Phil Tchou) just kicking back, reading the paper....

Can I have the Sports pages when you're done with them?

Finally, as the evening wears on, people sometimes get a little silly; it happens. Here's Eugene Vidocq of the Tremere (played by Ryan Merten) basically commenting on the evening, along with Carlo Bellini of the Toreador (played by Bobby Brandi) amusing people with his growing collection of hats....

Take me home, I'm Done!

I am Fashionable, no?